Where are the true innovations in RTX-3 wedges?

By: August 4, 2016

Do you remember the Cleveland Golf 588 RTX 2.0 wedges from 2014? If yes, then I’ve got a good news for you!

Cleveland Golf has just announced the launch of their new RTX-3 wedges (will be available from September 16). The RTX-3 wedges, available in a Blade (three finishes), Cavity Back, and Women’s Cavity Back model to suit a wide range of golfers, feature three key technologies.

Typically, the center of gravity for many wedges is more toward the heel side. One of the innovations in the new RTX-3 wedges is the Feel Balancing Technology. This enabled them to shift the center of gravity closer to true center (see picture below) by saving 9 grams of weight in the hosel.

RTX-3 wedge Tech_72dpi

We can find in the new RTX-3 wedges 3 grinds feature a V-shape (see picture below) with more leading edge bounce to help get the club head through the turf faster at impact.

RTX-3 wedge_soles_150dpi


The third innovation in the new RTX-3 wedges is the new Rotex face. In the 588 RTX 2.0 we can find the previous version of this face pattern. The new Tour Zip Grooves have a deeper, narrower U shape with a sharp edge radius in all lofts to enhance contact across a wide variety of conditions.

The advanced, 2-pass micro milling pattern increases friction and is directionally enhanced by loft: low lofts (46°- 52°) have a straighter pattern to accommodate full shots and high lofts (54°- 64°) have a more angled pattern to optimize open-face shots. Laser Milling precisely roughens the face surface to the conforming limit.

Cleveland Golf claims that this is their most accurate wedge. The RTX-3 Blade, Cavity Back, and Women’s Cavity Back are all available in the Tour Satin finish.

RTX-3 wedge_56-Hi-Bounce-Black-Pearl-Money

The Cleveland Golf RTX-3 wedge line, will be available in lofts from 46° to 64° in both right-handed and left-handed options.

The RTX-3 Blade wedge will be available in 3 different grinds – V-LG (•), V-MG (••) and V-FG (•••) – in three different finishes: Tour Satin, ultra-durable Black Satin, and Tour Raw. The standard shaft is True Temper Dynamic Gold steel (wedge flex) and the standard grip is the Cleveland Blue Cap by Lamkin. Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is $129.99 each.

The RTX-3 Cavity Back has a slightly larger shape that promotes confidence and increases forgiveness. Available in Tour Satin in three different grinds – V-LG (), V-MG (••) and V-FG (•••). The standard steel shaft is True Temper Dynamic Gold (wedge flex); the Rotex Precision Graphite shaft (wedge flex) is also available. The standard grip is the Cleveland Blue Cap by Lamkin. MAP with steel shaft is $129.99 each, while each wedge with the graphite shaft is $139.99 MAP.

RTX-3 wedge_56-Hi-Bounce-Satin-Cavity-Back-Money