How will the ECCO Golf UK sales team get stronger?

By: January 3, 2017

Although ECCO Golf is the strongest division of ECCO, the company did not have so far a full-time UK golf employee. Ian Martin was seduced in November 2016 from the TGI buying group where he was a senior retail consultant. He is now the U.K. Golf Sales Manager of ECCO Golf.

Currently, ECCO Golf UK has got around 400 accounts.

What are the retail challenges of ECCO Golf in 2017?

If I could talk with Ian Martin, then I would ask these questions from him:

  1. How can ECCO Golf provide personalized shopping experience?
  2. Are you prepared for beacon technology? This could help you to provide quick access to relevant product and pricing information, and special offers, with minimal friction.
  3. Do you plan to launch any special services?
  4. How would you use crowdsourcing to improve brand awareness, consideration, and drive sales?
  5. Will you be able to provide same-day shipping to online shoppers (instead of 3-5 days)?
  6. Will you have in 2017, a retail-centric app (=decision-making tools) that helps buyers like me to select the right golf shoe?
  7. How would you use Virtual Reality (VR) or smart fitting rooms to help customers?