What makes the Great Big Bertha Epic driver unique?

By: January 4, 2017

To answer you the question quickly: the innovative new Jailbreak ball speed technology makes the Great Big Bertha Epic Driver and the Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero Driver unique. Callaway Golf believes that the Jailbreak speed technology is fundamentally changing the way the head behaves at impact to promote more distance for every type of player.

In the new Great Big Bertha Epic Driver you will not find the R*MOTO technology 2.0 (face technology).

What is the essence of the Jailbreak ball speed technology?

Callaway Golf tried to find a solution how could the 3 components of a driver (crown, sole and face) “cooperate” more effectively since they influence each other’s dynamics.

Jailbreak incorporates two slender titanium bars positioned parallel to each other behind the face, connected to the crown and sole. The size, strength and position of each bar creates a new dynamic relationship between the crown, sole and face. The result is a profound change in how the head, as a whole, behaves at impact, resulting in more speed across a much larger area of the face.

Great Big Bertha Epic Driver’s clubhead consists of Callaway’s new aerospace-grade titanium Exo-cage outfitted with a crown and sole panels made of triaxial carbon, an extraordinarily light and strong composite material developed by Callaway. Nearly half of the head’s surface – 46 percent — consists of triaxial carbon, with the crown weighing just 9.7g and the sole just 5.8g. That’s the lightest crown of any Callaway driver currently on the market.



Great Big Bertha Epic Driver’s increased accuracy is rooted in Callaway’s Adjustable Perimeter Weighting technology, an invaluable feature that allows golfers to quickly and easily adjust the club to fit their swing.

Compared to previous Callaway drivers, Epic’s track has been redesigned and the sliding weight has been increased to 17 grams, both for good reason: to deliver a full 21 yards of shot-shape correction (a 22% increase compared to last season’s Great Big Bertha) to dial in straighter, more accurate flight while maintaining high MOI (or Moment of Inertia).

Great Big Bertha Epic from the side

Head speed gets an additional boost from Callaway’s proven Speed Step technology. Devised with the help of aerospace experts, the Speed Step, located on the crown, improves head aerodynamics for more speed and distance.

4 premium, Tour-proven stock-shafts are available, distinguished by weight class and each engineered to promote a formidable combination of speed, power, stability, feel and control: Project X HZRDS Green, MRC Diamana Greenboard, Fujikura Pro Green and Aldila Rogue Max. A long list of custom after-market shafts is also available.

Great Big Bertha Epic Driver availability begins at US retailers and on CallawayGolf.com January 27, 2017, at the new product introduction price of $499.

Callaway Golf also announced today that they will bring a complimentary Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero Driver and a full line of Great Big Bertha Epic Woods. These clubs will also be available starting January 27, 2017.

I will share you the details about them in another post…