What will be like your Mack Daddy 4 Callaway Customs Wedges?

By: February 19, 2018

Callaway Golf is now giving us the opportunity to create Tour-level customization and personalization on their Mac Daddy 4 Callaway Custom Wedges.

There is nothing new in this offer since in the past, they have already offered something similar:

  • Callaway Customs in their wedges was first introduced in our MD3 Milled line.
  • They also developed Callaway Customs offerings on their drivers (including Epic Red) and golf balls.

In this instance, they offer an ultra-premium design with Chrome and Matte Black Finishes, a True Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft, and Lamkin UTX grips.

This customization will be available in all 21 available loft-bounce combinations for Mack Daddy 4 Callaway Custom Wedges.

Pricing: $149.99 + customization starts at $15

Mack Daddy 4 Callaway Customs Wedges

Personalization trends & Mack Daddy 4 Callaway Customs Wedges

Personalization will continue to be a key trend in 2018, but also in the coming years, especially when we are talking about golf clubs and golf equipment. Don’t forget that customers put more emphasize on gaining or buying experience.

When I see the new Mack Daddy 4 Callaway Customs Wedges I think about how can they fit into a typical Callaway Golf customer’s lifestyle or tell a story. Correct me if I am wrong, but these wedges do not look very unique, although being completely unique is also very important in 2018.

If I were Callaway Golf I would start testing the use of augmented reality (AR) in the retail environment. It could help the potential customers to see their new golf clubs in their physical environment. IKEA Place is a great example for instance, how a retailer can utilize the augmented reality technology to support sales.

Another idea to make the new Mack Daddy 4 Callaway Customs Wedges (of course you can replace this product name any other ones) purchase a unique experience: in-home services. Could you imagine a Callaway Golf sales representative would come to your house to discuss your next golf club purchase?