The newest member of the Wilson Staff family: Cortex driver

By: November 26, 2018

Do you remember that two years ago Wilson Staff in cooperation with Golf Channel held the first crowdsourcing reality show (Driver vs Driver) to find the next Wilson Staff driver?

The Golf Channel’s Driver vs. Driver 2 had its season finale two weeks ago.

I still think it is a good idea to generate buzz around the Wilson Staff brand and engage golfers more with the brand. Golf Channel’s YouTube videos were seen by approximately 98 000 people.

Wilson Staff Cortex-AdjusrableWeights-Driver vs Driver Competition

Crowd competition is good for these goals:

  • Creating actionable solutions,
  • Developing prototypes,
  • Building a sense of community,
  • Generate outside ideas,
  • ‘Gamification’.

Here are some benefits of crowdsourcing:

  • Faster design,
  • Faster prototyping,
  • Access to new pools of talents etc.

The winner of the $250,000 grand prize is Evan Hoffman of San Diego. Hoffman’s driver, Cortex, was named the newest Wilson Staff driver and is now available for purchase in golf retailers worldwide. The price is $499.99

Hoffman worked hand-in-hand with Wilson’s LABS engineers to finalize and bring to the market the new Wilson Staff driver.

Wilson Staff Cortex-Driver-Head-Group-4-1612-1144

4 innovations in the new Wilson Staff Cortex driver

  1. Fast Cage Technology: Comprises a weight-tuned titanium internal structure inside the clubhead that is covered with 44 percent carbon fiber for precise weight distribution and maximum adjustability.
  2. Sliding Adjustable Weights: Possessing a 2-gram and 8-gram weight, golfers can easily switch the positions of the weights to help promote a neutral, draw or a fade off the tee.
  3. Longest Slide Track: Cortex offers Wilson’s longest slide track to give golfers a wide range of spin options to help deliver a low launching ball flight or a high launch angle for maximum carry distance.
  4. Fast Fit Hosel System:
    1. Cortex comes with a Fast Fit hosel system with six adjustable loft options to allow players to fine tune the loft of the driver in half-degree increments.
    2. Hosel is backward compatible, making the Cortex compatible with shafts from other Wilson Staff drivers.

Crowdsourcing trends

I believe crowdsourcing is now considered mainstream, increasingly embedded in the core business activities of small and large enterprises alike. A possible reason for its popularity is coming from that it can help enterprises like Wilson to tackle a wide range of challenges.

P&G’s ‘Connect + Develop’, for instance, has enabled the company to establish more than 2,000 successful agreements with innovation partners around the world.

Wilson Staff Cortex driver lifestyle photo