What are the primary golf apparel trends in 2019?

By: May 9, 2019

I hear so many things about smart apparels in other sports. Hence I thought to ask Kristin Hinze, the Global Head of Merchandising at Puma Golf about the latest golf apparel trends.

What are the primary golf apparel trends in 2019?

  1. We’re seeing all-over prints continue to be strong, and more of a variation of scale – seeing larger, all over print and patterns.
  2. Golf is coming on board with capsules, products that speak to a specific collection, a moment in time around a tournament, or unique limited edition drops that you would traditionally see more in streetwear. 
  3. At PUMA we have some of the best, marketable athletes that really help us bring these key golf moments to life and tie the designs back to key moments in time on Tour or in their careers.

Tell me about the athleisure trend in the golf apparel industry?

We’re certainly seeing the athleisure trend become more mainstream. Part of that is regional, certainly California, and similar locations, are adapting to the trend much faster.

PUMA Golf is embracing the trend, we were the first to bring the high-top jogger trend to the course, which is a clear influence from the athleisure industry.

On the women’s side, we offer golf leggings and collarless tops, on the men’s side, were delivering more casual layering pieces including hoodies or crew neck pullovers.

We’re going to see that trend continue.

We’ve seen a trend toward casualization in the workplace, seeing young, stylish, influential people dressing more casually, and it is influencing the more traditional sectors, golf included.

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Is there a demand for smart golf apparel yet? If yes, then please describe it.

I don’t think so.

We are delving into the world of Smart Golf on the COBRA side with our COBRA CONNECT technology, but on the PUMA side, it’s more about fabrications and performance elements in apparel.

You could say fabrics are getting smarter; products that look more casual and have a softer hand is really performing at a level that a decade ago was only present in the very polyester, silky looking fabrics.

What is Puma Golf‘s answer to the growing demand for eco-friendly raw materials in sports equipment and apparel?

Sustainability has been part of our brand’s DNA going back to the very early days of PUMA.

We only use suppliers who are blue sign certified and are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability metrics across or offerings of apparel, footwear, and accessories.

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Do you have any plans to stop using plastic materials in your golf apparel? If so, what are your plans for phasing them out?

We don’t use plastics in our apparel.

What is your approach to appealing to Millennial golfers?

At COBRA PUMA GOLF we are all about game enjoyment – and encouraging more golfers of all levels to play with confidence and style.

We bring that game enjoyment message to life through stylish, on-trend apparel, footwear and accessories, and equipment that help golfers play their best.

We have some great athletes who are young, stylish and help bring a new audience of golfers to the game.

Thank you, Jared Kelowitz (Jeff Dezen Public Relations) for your help.