What could make Min Golf Bokning useful?

By: May 22, 2019

So far the Min Golf Bokning was merely the Swedish Golf Federation’s official mobile booking application. You could book membership times, green fee times and dynamically priced times at all of Sweden’s golf courses.

It seems like the Federation understood that golfers will not use that much or will not download it at all if they do not add other useful features.

From now on, Min Golf Bokning users will be able to synchronize their app with Golf GameBook.

This means that the golfers will have all the statistics, digital scorecard, golf friend connections and tee time booking in one place.

They will also be able to update their official HCP directly from the Golf GameBook application.

Golf GameBook told me that they have got over 130,000 registered users in Sweden, 80 % year on year growth in golf rounds as well as over 3M rounds played to date.

The Min Golf Bokning is downloaded by over 10,000 golfers. Google Play ranks it in the Sports category in Sweden as the 4th most popular mobile application.

I would be curious to know the share of active users of this mobile application. I don’t think I would be a rare breed who downloads an interesting mobile application (e.g. Rentalcars, Vivino, Whizzky) and after hardly use it.

Andrew Chen is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm says often over 90%, aren’t engaged on a daily basis. Instead, they’ve churned or are only active a few days per month.

Min Golf Bokning mobile application usage habits

He also adds that based on Quettra’s data, we can see that the average app loses 77% of its DAUs within the first 3 days after the install. Within 30 days, it’s lost 90% of DAUs. Within 90 days, it’s over 95%. 

Localytics says across all industries, 71% of all app users churn within 90 days.

Although, I like and agree with the cooperation, adding new features will not necessarily make the app more successful.

We have to understand our user lifecycle. Hopefully, this integration will be able to activate the non-users and casual users too.

Till then, the developers of Min Golf Bokning could think about how to use these techniques to retain more users:

  • In-app Messaging – we like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger why not to enable the users to chat among themselves? In app-messages show 2-3.5x higher user retention and 27% more app launches than apps that do not (Source: Localytics).
  • Push-notification with meaningful and useful content in the right time, in the right place (=geo-push), + be super relevant to the person.
  • Design highly personalized messaging campaigns to re-engage inactive users before it’s too late. 
Min Golf Bokning and Golf GameBook app