What’s inside Honma’s 6-piece FUTURE XX premium golf balls?

By: July 3, 2019

Honma Golf recently has introduced the Honma Future XX premium golf balls (6-piece) as the flagship model in its latest multi-layer golf ball range.

They are not the first to offer a 6-piece golf ball. Maxfli launched the Maxfli U/6 a 6-piece golf ball in 2013. In those days its price was MSRP of 44.99 USD. Another 6-piece golf ball is FORTE6 from Australia.

Honma Golf Future XX premium golf balls-2

The Honma FUTURE XX premium ball joins the 3-piece TW-X & D1 Plus versions, plus the 2-piece D1 model in various color options.

Recommended prices for the latest HONMA balls range from £15 / €16.95 to £53 / €59.95 per dozen.

The Honma FUTURE XX premium ball has been developed to provide golfers with more distance and spin than ever before.

Technical details:
  • The first three layers incorporate a highly resilient core – suitable for varying swing speeds – a soft second layer and a slightly firmer third layer, designed to emit high levels of energy for faster ball speeds that help to deliver greater distance.
  • The fourth and fifth layers become gradually firmer, providing consistent spin performance; whilst the outer sixth layer with a soft urethane cover produces high levels of short-game spin and improved feel.
  • The 326-dimple pattern on the Honma FUTURE XX premium ball is designed to deliver a towering ball flight trajectory.

Honma FUTURE XX premium balls vs Titleist Pro V1x

Just to compare the Honma FUTURE XX premium balls with the market leader Titleist golf balls:

  • 2019 Titleist Pro V1x: 4-piece golf ball with 328 tetrahedral dimples: $47.99 (42.56 EUR) MAP. In January, I recommended for most golfers.
  • 2019 Titleist Pro V1: 3-piece golf ball with 352 tetrahedral dimples: $47.99 (42.56 EUR) MAP.
Honma Golf Future XX premium golf balls-1

I know if a golf ball got more layers then the golfer will be able to control better the ball flight.

Do we really need the extra two (5th and 6th) layers?

The 5th layer I can somehow understand as it can contribute to the ultimate control over their spin and ball flight, but the 6th?

Next week I will receive the Honma FUTURE XX premium golf balls for testing, then I will tell you if it is worth paying £53.00/€59.95 per dozen or not. 🙂