PING Glide 3.0 wedges for higher spinning

By: July 29, 2019

With the launch of PING Glide 3.0 wedges, PING actually redesigned its wedges from scratch.

PING’s engineers took a grip-to-grind approach, re-designing every component of the club to create a higher-spinning, more forgiving, lighter overall design that offers multiple sole grind options to custom-fit golfers of all skill levels.

PING Glide 3.0 wedges all 4 versions

John K. Solheim, PING President said

In the Glide 3.0 series, we’re broadening the appeal of our wedges and providing more differentiation within our own line and the rest of the marketplace….

We approached the design with a goal of creating higher-spinning, great-looking wedges that also deliver more forgiveness with the improved feel from our other proven technologies.

Every detail in the Glide 3.0 is designed to improve short-game performance, from the longer grip for choking down to the Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish that helps the wedge glide through the grass.

PING Glide 3.0 wedges – technical details

  • Multi-material construction that combines a 431 stainless steel head with a larger and softer elastomer Custom Tuning Port (CTP) insert.
  • The additional volume of the CTP allows for a larger insert covering more of the back of the face, resulting in activation of the elastomer at impact to produce a soft yet solid feel. The new, patented cavity design and larger CTP expand the perimeter weighting to increase the MOI and position the center of gravity higher to yield lower-launching, higher-spinning trajectories for more control.
  • Patented wheel-cut grooves developed by PING’s engineering and manufacturing teams enable grooves with a sharper edge radius, which increases interaction with the ball at impact, creating more friction for improved spin and trajectory control.
  • With an emphasis on expanding the wedge sole options to better custom-fit golfers, PING engineers crafted four differentiated sole grinds in the PING Glide 3.0 wedges. Each is designed to best match a player’s angle of attack and typical turf conditions while providing performance and versatility on full and partial shots around the green.
  • Grind options:
    1. Standard Sole (SS) grind(46°/12°, 50°/12°, 52°/12°, 54°/12°, 56°/12°, 58°/10°, 60/10°) – for those who have a moderate angle of attack.
    2. Wide Sole (WS) grind(54°/14°, 56°/14°, 58°/14°, 60/14°) – for those who have a steep angle of attack who typically play in soft turf and sand conditions.
    3. Eye2 grind(54°/10°, 56°/10°, 58°/8°, 60°/8°)
    4. Thin Sole (TS) grind(58°/6°, 60°/6°) – Ideal for firm conditions and a shallow angle of attack.
PING Glide 3.0 wedges-58/14 version

PING Glide 3.0 wedges – specifications

  • Available in 10 color codes (lie angle). Black is standard.
  • Swingweight: D2 – D4, depending on loft.
  • Stock grip: PING 360 Dyla-wedge Lite in three sizes (Aqua -1/64″, White Std., Gold +1/32″).
  • Stock steel shaft: PING Z-Z115 Wedge made by Nippon.
  • Stock graphite shaft: Alta CB Red (SR, R, S).
  • Aftermarket shaft options (no upcharge): True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 (R300, S300), True Temper Dynamic Gold (S300, X100), True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 (S300, X100), Project X LZ (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5), True Temper XP95 (R300, S300), Nippon Pro Modus Tour 105 (S, X), KBS Tour (R, S, X).
  • PRICE: RRP: £130 per club w/steel shaft; £140 per club w/graphite shaft