Over 1.5 billion Pride Professional Tee System sold in 10 years

By: August 23, 2019

One of my eyes sheds tears, the other one laughs when I see the sales record of Pride Professional Tee Systems (manufactured by PrideSports).

This year PrideSports celebrates the 1.5 billionth Pride Professional Tee System golf tee that has been sold worldwide since the launch in 2009. 

Pride Professional Tee System -Wood-Resealable-75CT-White-GROUP

Pride Professional Tee System tees are distributed across the globe and are available in wood and plastic

The Pride Professional Tee System range features five unique color-coded tee types ranging from Orange (1 ½ inch tall) up to Green (4 inches tall), all of which will soon be available in new resealable packets.

Thus you will be able to keep your tees safely stored inside the packet.

The above-mentioned tee heights were chosen by considering

  • the firmness of the turf,
  • weather condition,
  • the type of shot required

Pride Professional Tee System vs sustainability

We cannot neglect the sustainability aspect when we are talking about golf tees.

It is great that they are offering wood golf tees, but it is time now to think about the substitute for plastic.

I would try to develop golf tees from the following materials:

  • Bioplastics: PLA or CPLA which are made from corn instead of oil. Both are biodegradable in industrial composting locations. Both will biodegrade in industrial compost sites.
  • Liquid wood: it is biodegradable.
  • Bagasse: it’s made from plants it will biodegrade easily in a home or industrial compost pile.
  • Metal: metals like aluminum and steel, can be recycled indefinitely, meaning they don’t have to end up in landfills.

From now on, let’s buy only wood golf tees until companies like PrideSports come up with a substitute solution to plastic golf tees.