Luxury & craftsmanship in the new Majesty Golf Royale golf clubs

By: September 18, 2019

If you ask me to list Japanese golf club brands then these brands come to my mind:

In my mind Japanese golf clubs are in mainly in the premium category. Majesty Golf (aka Maruman Golf; founded in 1971) is no exception.

Majesty Golf – background

The origin of Maruman Golf started with Nippon Gold Metal Industry Co. Ltd. Back in 1950. It has the largest luxury segment golf club market share in Japan and Korea.

The company has 103 employees in Tokyo headquarters, Chiba factory, and 13 sales offices in Japan, Korea, China, the U.S. and Taiwan

In 2019, they started to build up their own dealer network in the US.

The South Korean private equity firm Orchestra Private Equity is bidding this month for the 49% remaining stake in Majesty Golf for for 2.1 billion yen ($19.7 million) from retail shareholders.

Since we don’t hear too much about Majesty Golf’s golf clubs, I thought to share with you the latest Majesty Golf Royale golf club family.

Majesty Golf Royale-Royale-W-Driver

Majesty Golf Royale – golf club family

Recently, Majesty Golf announced 4 new upscale products exquisitely designed for moderate swing speed golfers:

  • The Royale Driver,
  • Royale Forged Face Irons,
  • Royale Fairways and
  • Royale Hybrids.

These new clubs will be available in the U.S. on October 1, 2019. Now I will focus only on Majesty Golf Royale driver.

Majesty Golf Royale-DR-1

Here are the specifications of the driver:

  • Price: MSRP $999.99
  • The clubhead touts a refined Spider web face and a three-piece structure, using a highly rigid and lightweight honeycomb design that promotes higher ball speed across the face. Its ultra-lightweight shaft sports our double bias technology that utilizes two layers of high-elasticity carbon wrapped around the bias area, letting us minimize the torsion and slightly lengthen the shaft for more distance without sacrificing control.
  • Crown: 6-4 Titanium Grade5, Sole: 3-1-1-1 Titanium, Face: ZA010, Neck: Lightweight Fullerene Titanium
  • Loft: 9,5°, 10,5°, 11,5°
  • 460 cc
  • Shaft: MAJESTYLV530
  • Grip: MJLight4 30D / MJLight4 35D
Majesty Golf Royale-DR-2