How will Lamkin’s interactive Putter Grip Fitting System help us?

By: December 19, 2019

I am expecting that the experiential stores will continue to thrive in 2020. However, it requires from marketers like Lamkin to provide value and convenience.

From now on we must give golfers something they will remember long after their purchase (e.g. Lemkin golf grips).

I am expecting that golfers will demand a more personalized, interactive and memorable retail offering.

Lemkin‘s new interactive Putter Grip Fitting System is something that is close to the above-mentioned expectation.

Lamkin Putter Grip Fitting System - Black Tee

Lamkin – interactive Putter Grip Fitting System

Lamkin says that their interactive Putter Grip Fitting System is a first-of-its-kind solution that allows golfers to quickly and easily demo a variety of putter grips to help find the model that best complements their unique preferences and putting styles.

Lamkin is dedicated to helping consumers sink more putts by providing options in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

This includes a range of models that feature traditional pistol and straight profiles in both rubber and polyurethane options.

Golfers simply select the “Clip-on-Grip” they wish to try from the display and with one click it fits into the putter base provided, the popular TaylorMade Spider X.

By removing the putter style from the equation golfers can use the retailers putting green, to compare putter grip performance, feel and traction.

All necessary components and directions are included on the display, which offers guidance on which shape, size, and texture are best adapted to the 3 most common putting strokes and 7 gripping styles (standard, overlap, reverse overlap, palm-to-palm, finger down the shaft, the claw, hands separated).
Lamkin is offering the system in two sizes to align with partner needs. Details include

  • White Tees: Small footprint, two-sided display that fits next to any putting grip coral. It accommodates 12 putter grip options.
  • Black Tees: Three-sided island display that also conveniently holds inventory. It accommodates 18 putter grip options and retail SKUs.
Lamkin Putter Grip Fitting System - White Tee

Since August 2019, Lamkin has worked with Golf Galaxy to test the program with the Black Tee display at 16 high traffic locations.

Retailers interested in joining Lamkin’s growing base offering putter grip fitting should reach out to their grip distributor for details.

Availability in 2020

With units already in the market and significant commitment from large and small retailers, the Lamkin Putter Grip Fitting System will be widespread nationwide by February 2020.