How can the Ecco S-Three golf shoes enhance our comfort?

By: January 28, 2020

It is not a bad idea to treat separately the 3 distinct areas of the golf shoe sole.

Ecco Golf invented the ZONAL FLUIDFORM TECHNOLOGY, that creates a molded midsole with three distinct zones of softness to ensure the right balance of cushioning and stability exactly where you need it.

Probably this is the soul of the new Ecco S-Three golf shoes.

Ecco S-Three golf shoes-side-yellow

The heel of the midsole is engineered for medium softness to ensure the right amount of cushioning and comfort, while the central part of the midsole has higher levels of rigidity to deliver outstanding lateral stability throughout the swing.

The forefront of the midsole comes with the highest level of softness for exceptional walking comfort.

I think it is more a marketing gimmick that the midsole of every pair of Ecco S-Three golf shoes will have exclusive features and unique color transitions between the different sections. 

This is thanks to the advanced multi-section injection process. Personally, I like it.

What impressed me is the development of the midsole.

Ecco S-Three golf shoes -group

The shoe’s uppers are crafted from thicker ECCO SOFT CALF NAPPA leather, made in ECCO’s own tanneries, with 100% waterproof GORE-TEX® technology that keeps feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.

Did you know that carmakers are using Nappa leather? Nappa leather is the exceptional one from all the types of leather; it’s soft to touch as well as tough in wear and tear.

Nappa leather is a kind of full-grain leather. Full-grain means the epidermis of the animal skin has not been removed. Also, no corrective processes have been performed on full-grain leather.

A double layer of neoprene in the collar and heel provides increased padding for additional wearing comfort throughout the swing while ECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology ensures a finely-tuned balance of cushioning and rebound; this creates an integral, flexible and durable bond without the compromises common with conventionally stitched and/or glued assemblies.

The award-winning ECCO DYNAMIC TRACTION SYSTEM (E-DTS) outsole design provides more than 100 traction bars and 800 traction angles for excellent grip in all playing conditions.

Ecco S-Three golf shoes-upper-MABS-black and white version

Last, but not least, the price is £180. Available from Spring 2020.