Where is Europe’s 100th Toptracer installation?

By: January 11, 2020

Pine Ridge Golf Club in Surrey has become the 100th golf facility in Europe to utilize Toptracer Range.

This installation also brings the total number of Toptracer Range hitting bays to 1,700 – each with the capability of hosting up to four guests at any one time.

Toptracer experience-Shot5

The Pine Ridge Golf Club wants to turn its 36-bay, floodlit driving range into a go-to practice destination in its region by adding the Toptracer Range technology.

More recently, Toptracer Range installed its largest driving range facility, ToppGolf AS, in Norway. With 78 bays, the facility is now the largest and most technologically advanced practice destination in Scandinavia.

I think it will be indispensable from now on to provide such service if we want to increase our golf club’s revenues from running the driving range and golf lessons.

This is a good example of combining experience and entertainment. We do not just want to see our performance on a mobile screen, we want to enjoy the time we are investing either in taking lessons or hitting just for fun.

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Create defining moments!

These days, I am reading the book of Chip & Dan Heath‘s book: The power of moments.

I have not yet got to the end of the book. However, I would like to share with you some of their ideas that are great and can help you to outperform your competitors:

  • People remember only moments: peaks, pits, and transitions. Have you heard of the “peak-end rule”? Research has found that when people try to recall experiences they are only able to remember moments.
  • It is very important to create meaningful and memorable experiences. The above-mentioned Toptracer solution can elevate golfers (e.g. by providing games and modes or by using the Toptracer Range Community App), create connections, provide them insights and even pride. These are important elements of defining moments.
  • Since golfers can play in a competition with their friends by using Toptracer Range it will help to create shared experiences. This also helps to create meaningful experiences for our guests.