How to have colorful Golf Pride MCC grips?

By: July 3, 2020

When I changed to Golf Pride MCC Align grips in February I realized two things:

  1. The grips have a great impact on my game;
  2. It is worth changing them at least once within 2 years.

Now I am in a little dilemma as Golf Pride is launching its MCC Teams collection. I found a real correlation between my new Golf Pride MCC Align grips and the quality of my game.

The new Golf Pride MCC Teams collection boasts 15 unique color combinations to choose from, allowing golfers to represent their favorite sports team every time they take to the course.

In most parts of my life, I prefer having colorful things (e.g. apparel) instead of conservative colors or monochrome ones. My previous Golf Pride grips were totally black.

So my dilemma is to change to the new Golf Pride MCC Teams grips or not. Could you help me?

Golf Pride MCC Teams dynamic grips

It is already available on both sides of the pond. The Golf Pride MCC Teams grips are available in both standard size and midsize and feature a price of £12 and £13 or €14.50 and €16.00 respectively.