What are the synergies between Golf GameBook & Swing Index?

By: August 12, 2020

The coronavirus crisis that we are experiencing in 2020 is very likely to boost e-learning, on-demand services, and online coaching.

In this real-time, on-demand world we now live in, where access to millions of services and experiences are just a few clicks away, we simply cannot afford that luxury not to utilize the latest available technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence).

I saw many PGA Pros utilizing real-time messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger) to keep up the relationship with their clients and give online lessons. You might have a doubt, but you can transfer quite a lot of knowledge via WhatsApp’s video function.

I used WhatsApp’s video function even to discuss certain health issues with my GP. It worked really well.

Golf GameBook Swing Card

Golf GameBook Swing Card powered by the Swing Index

Golf GameBook has just launched the Golf GameBook Swing Card powered by the Swing Index, the world’s leading game improvement technology that enables golfers to improve their golf game and lower their scores.

The Golf GameBook Swing Card is the golf industry’s 1st interactive coaching technology that is directly connected to your Golf GameBook digital scorecard and your statistics.

You as a golfer only have to do is:

  1. Activate the Golf GameBook Swing Card;
  2. Define your goals (e.g. lower your HCP);
  3. Record a video your golf swing with your smartphone and send it to the system;
  4. World-class teaching pros will personally analyze 21 elements of your golf swing and provide a 2-way personal roadmap;
  5. Your coach personally annotates your swing and provides personal feedback on your swing and the drills you need to see rapid improvement.
  6. As you return your improved swings back to your coach he is connected to your Golf GameBook scores and statistics, you will find Golf GameBook much more useful than ever before.

Rick Geritz, CEO of SwingAI the company behind the Swing Index stated

“The Swing Index has achieved a 99.3% game improvement success rating,”

My remarks & recommendations

I have not found in this service the opportunity to select the preferred PGA Pro(s) for their advice or even to book lessons.

To go a little bit further, why not add the option of choosing the performance center of the golfers’ favorite brand (e.g. Callaway Golf, Titleist, TaylorMade Golf)?

What is sure, Golf GameBook is doing the right steps to avoid being merely a digital scorecard and Leaderboard app.

Thanks to this joint development with Swing Index they will be more useful for the golfers. In short, they are creating value for the users. This will influence the brand and app usage preference.

I can only hope that the Golf GameBook Swing Card will contribute to golf participation improvement as well.

Data analysis in sports

The market for sports analytics is expected to reach almost $4 billion by 2022.