How will the Mizuno M. Craft putter line expand in 2021?

By: December 8, 2020

Do you remember when I wrote in February about the Mizuno M. Craft putters? Mizuno’s M.CRAFT putters have been available through 2020 in 3 classic shapes.

For the new season, three new shapes have been designed and developed to extend the M.CRAFT line for 2021 – M.CRAFT IV, M.CRAFT V, and M.CRAFT VI.

Mizuno M Craft putter 2021 square

These are the differences between the 3 new Mizuno M. Craft putters:

  • M.CRAFT IV is a slant neck-deep square back putter with moderate toe-hang to suit players with a moderate putting arc.
  • M.CRAFT V is a slant neck toe-heel deep mallet with maximum toe-hang to suit a strongly arcing stroke.
  • M.CRAFT VI is a face-balanced wing mallet offering slightly more weight and stability for players with a straight back and through the stroke.

The original Mizuno M.Craft putters also return in 2021

  • M.CRAFT I is a square back with mid slant neck and max toe-hang, suited to an exaggerated putting arc.
  • M.CRAFT II, is a classic heel-toe putter with a plumber’s neck and mid-toe-hang, matching a moderate putting arc.
  • M.CRAFT III is a face-balanced mid-mallet delivering stability for golfers with less putting arc.
Mizuno M Craft putter 2021 Weights

At 355 grams (M.CRAFT VI weighs in slightly more at 371 grams,) each putter head promotes a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke.

However, an additional weight kit that includes two 3 gram weights and two 13 gram weights, which can be interchanged with the 8 gram fitted weights.

Thus each M.CRAFT putter to be adjusted to a variety of putting conditions.

Each head style is available in three finishes:

  • Classic White Satin,
  • bold Blue ION, and
  • intense Black ION.

M.CRAFT putters feature a KBS Tour shaft, Lamkin Deep Etched Full Blue cord grip, and come with a premium patch M.CRAFT cover in Mizuno’s classic staff colors and emblazoned with the leather M.CRAFT mark.

Mizuno M Craft putter 2021 M-CRAFT-4-detail