How can the Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Collection change your game?

By: January 20, 2021

I am very curious about what the virtual PGA Show in Orlando will be like next week.

It is fair to say it will be challenging for everybody to experience new products like the Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Collection (available in 50°, 52°, and 54° lofts) and in general golf equipment.

Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Collection M-Grind-LTD

Previously only available on Vokey SM8 sand and lob wedges (56º-62º), the M Grind is designed for players that like to rotate the clubface open and closed to manufacture shots around the green.

So the M Grind itself isn’t new. The M Grind is one of Vokey’s six tour-proven sole grinds available in the current SM8 line.

The M grind is a medium-bounce wedge featuring

  • a full crescent heel, toe, and trailing edge sole grind and is for players looking for a versatile gap wedge playing in firm, sandy conditions.

The grind is ideal for players with a shallower, more sweeping swing type who play shots with a variety of clubface positions.

It is a great option for players playing a two-wedge setup (52º/58º).

The Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Collection is available for custom order in golf shops and through in 50°, 52°, and 54° lofts (right hand only) in the tour-preferred Raw finish.

Price ($199) includes

  • custom stamping,
  • custom ferrule and
  • custom shaft band.
Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Collection M-Grind-LTD-2 wedges

Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind Collection – technology

  • Reimagined Progressive CG is pushed forward from the face for increased MOI: Vokey’s team lengthened the hosels and counterbalanced that weight with high-density tungsten low in the toe.
  • 100% Inspected Spin Milled Grooves: Micro-grooves are individually cut in between grooves, which maximize spin on partial shots. Proprietary heat treatment is applied to the impact area to double the durability of the groove without impacting the feel – making it the most durable groove in golf.
Custom options
  • 6 unique toe engravings;
  • Expanded stamping options: 10-character Straight/Freestyle; 15 characters around toe;
  • 5-character staircase style; and
  • Custom paint-filled Loft and Grind markings and BV Wings logo.
  • Hand Grinds: Raw finishes can be hand ground to exact specs, including both performance grinds and profile adjustments – a true tour van experience.