How will the new ECCO GOLF BIOM H4 improve your game?

By: February 8, 2021

I think it’s a family trait that we are so interested in shoes. My grandfather used to have a shoe factory…A few years ago I changed to ECCO GOLF BIOM golf shoes. I must say it was a great decision.

Since then, I have been paying close attention to what ECCO GOLF is developing in its BIOM golf shoes.

ECCO GOLF BIOM H4 golf shoes: 4 innovations

I found 4 new features + an upgrade of an existing feature (=BIOM 2.0 technology). Let’s see the 4 innovations in the new ECCO GOLF BIOM H4 golf shoes (RRP £170)!

  1. X-TENSA INVISIBLE Technology links the sole unit’s T.PU blocks to the lacing system via internal enforcement for 360° stability.
  2. A removable, washable Ortholite® foam inlay sole provides long-term cushioning and superior breathability, plus the option of extra width when removed.
  3. The innovative new ECCO MTN GRIP outsole has 3 different sections for stability and traction, ground penetration, and rotational support throughout the swing.
  4. The T.PU element wraps around the foot from the outsole to the midsole, providing stability while elevating the modern, premium design.

ECCO GOLF upgraded its BIOM technology to BIOM 2.0.:

  • Now it can offer low-to-the-ground stability, anatomical support, and a glove-like fit.
ECCO GOLF BIOM H4 golf shoes all varieties

What has not changed – as I see it – is the

  • ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology; a ‘state change’ process that uses specialized fluid materials to form around an anatomical last, ensuring a finely-tuned balance of cushioning and rebound, while also creating a flexible and durable bond without the compromises common with stitched or glued assemblies.

The shoe’s uppers are crafted from premium, durable and thin ECCO performance leather, made in ECCO’s own tanneries, providing natural protection from wind and water.

This is enhanced with 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX technology that keeps feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.

The new design comes in four stylish colorways for men; Black, White, Silver Grey, and White/Concrete.

ECCO GOLF BIOM H4 golf shoe-DETAIL-the sole

Improvement opportunities

I have not found in the new ECCO GOLF BIOM H4 golf shoes (RRP £170):

  • Signs of sustainability. E.g. usage of recyclable materials
  • Comparison with other golf shoe brands regarding who has the lightest golf shoe. Maybe the adidas ZG21 BOA golf shoe?
  • When will they launch their first connected smart golf shoes?
ECCO GOLF BIOM H4 golf shoe sole from close