Would you be a better player with PuttOUT training aids?

By: February 15, 2021

I’m starting to come to terms with the idea that I won’t be able to hit more than 250 meters away. That’s why I decided to spend more time from now on improving my short game.


There are so many golf training aids. It makes really hard how to find the right one if the person wants to improve his putting.

This is how I discovered PuttOUT‘s Putting Mirror family, the all-new Compact Putting Mirror. Unbelievable, but more than 120,000 sold of
the original Putting Mirror and Gate Sets (launched in 2019).

That’s not the point. PuttOUT‘s Compact Mirror includes

  • alignment graphics drawn on the underside of the outer mirrored piece, used for help with properly aligning putter face, ball position, and eye position, and
  • is encased in a mid-tack elastomer surround.

I like this putting training for serveral reasons:

  • Compact size: I can use it at home in my apartment too;
  • Weighing just 80g,
  • Helps me to visualize the putting movement;
  • Price: €24.99.

This is more practical than the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor. The EyeLine putting mirror would be my second choice as it helps us to learn the differences between different putting strength.

What I would consider also from PuttOUT‘s offer is the pressure putt trainer.

PuttOUT pressure putt trainer at home

PuttOUT – pressure putt trainer

I found PuttOUT’s pressure putt trainer ($39.99/ €34.99) even more interesting to simulate real playing conditions while ‘fine-tuning’ my putting technique.

What I liked about this putt trainer is the immediate answer to my putting technique. The curve auto returns my ball on a good putt, rejects missed putts, and holds on to any putts that deemed to be perfect.

This curve also auto returns your ball on good putts, rejects missed putts, and holds on to any puts that deemed to be perfect.

I will give a try to the PuttOUT mobile application that have

  • The Metronome feature lets us manually dial in a tempo that’s perfect for us.
  • In the Quick Tips menu a range of indoor and outdoor drills, games, and techniques.