Gain control over your putting with the Buckingham Infinite Putter!

By: March 17, 2021

The new Buckingham Infinite Putter is the 9th version of the Wilson Infinite Putter line. “Buckingham” refers to Chicago’s famous Buckingham Fountain.

I immediately noticed that the Buckingham Infinite Putter has got a double-milled face. It provides us, golfers, a consistent impact, plus roll and distance control

Buckingham Infinite Putter hero

If you are familiar with the Wilson Infinite Putter range (since 2015) then you will not be surprised to find the Counterbalance Technology feature in the Buckingham Infinite Putter model too.

It combines a heavier head and grip weights, moving the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother and more controlled putting stroke.

The combination of Buckingham Infinite Putter’s heavy head (> 360 grams), its high-MOI weighting, and the counterbalanced grip gives you a putter that can help deliver a smoother, more stable stroke.

Buckingham Infinite Putter-Mens-Face

The Buckingham Infinite Putter ($99) finished in 5th place in MyGolfSpy’s 2021 Most Wanted Mallet Putter testing.

Buckingham Infinite Putter – specification & availability

  • RH/LH
  • Loft: 3.0
  • Lie: 71
  • Length: 34, 35
  • Swing weight: 35
  • Price: $99 / £109
  • The new Wilson Buckingham Infinite Putter will be available to pre-order on March 15th with an estimated ship date in early April.
Buckingham Infinite Putter-Tee10-Course-Family-DM-5132 2