Cobra Golf’s new KING TEC Hybrid with PWRSHELL Face design. Worth it?

By: June 21, 2021

Have you heard of Cobra Golf‘s new KING TEC Hybrid? The new KING TEC Hybrid ($279) is the newest addition to their KING players’ family.

 The Cobra Golf KING TEC Hybrid is designed for better players who seek a utility club that delivers reliable carry distance and enhanced forgiveness off the tee and on longer approach shots into par 5’s. 

Cobra Golf KING TEC Hybrid-EXPLODED-FACE-resized

Cobra Golf – KING TEC Hybrid – innovations

  • PWRSHELL Face design – the NG TEC Hybrid is the only hybrid in COBRA’s lineup to feature it: utilizes a thin, forged 455 stainless steel* L-cup insert that is hyper-flexible to promote faster ball speed and higher launch across the face.
  • Carbon Fiber Crown that saves 10g that are repositioned low and back within the clubhead to lower CG. 
  • To optimize performance for an even wider range of golfers, the KING TEC Hybrid features an Adjustable Weight and Loft System.  The hybrid features 3 adjustable weights (two 12g weights and a 2g weight) that can be positioned in the toe (for a fade-biased ball flight), heel (for a draw-biased ball flight), or front setting for a neutral and lower launching ball flight. 14g and 10g weights are also available through custom for those who require more fine-tuning.
  • COBRA’S MYFLY hosel features 8 settings that can be adjusted up to + or -1.5 degrees (including 3 draw settings), allowing players to dial in their preferred launch and spin performance.  
  • Each KING TEC Hybrid is equipped with a COBRA CONNECT Grip powered by Arccos Caddie (PING, TaylorMade are using this technology solution too).  

*Custom 455 has three times the yield strength of standard 304. It lends itself well to heat treatment and fabrication, has exceptionally high yield strength, good ductility, and toughness.

Cobra Golf KING TEC Hybrid-EXPLODED-WEIGHTS-resized

The KING TEC Hybrid is available

  • in right and left hand (left-hand custom only) in four different lofts —a 17° 2H (adjustable from 15.5° to 18.5°), 
  • a 19° 3H (adjustable from 17.5° to 20.5°),
  • a 21° 4H (adjustable from 19.5° to 22.5°) and
  • a 24° 5H (adjustable from 22.5° to 25.5°).
  • Mitsubishi Chemical MMT 80 graphite hybrid shaft in extra-stiff & stiff flex and an MMT 70 in regular flex
Are you excited about the new Cobra Golf KING TEC Hybrid?

The adjustable weight and loft system is generic. I would love to know if the new hybrid’s head is smaller than the previous one. This is one of the reasons why I like my new Wilson Staff D9 hybrid: smaller head & better ball speed across a bigger face area (features six lofts – 17, 19, 22, 25, 28, and 31 degrees).

Industry disruption: added value services, new experiences…

I miss added value services not just in the case of Cobra Golf but also at other major golf equipment brands. Despite the nice golf equipment sales figures in 2020 we must come up with new experiences in retail outlets (e.g. purpose-driven retail footprint) and give new functions to them, and a high level of convenience that is not available online.

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