Will PowaKaddy’s new videos cut through the noise on YouTube?

By: June 28, 2021

PowaKaddy has created a set of high-tech product (5) videos showcasing the pioneering 2021 trolley range. I wouldn’t say that PowaKaddy is an early adopter of YouTube for brand communication.

In the second half of this article, I will tell you more about the PowaKaddy videos. With all honesty, I don’t really understand why they have not utilized the advantages and benefits of YouTube before:

  • YouTube has got over 2 Billion logged-in monthly users;
  • 74% of adults in the U.S. are using YouTube;
  • eMarketer predicts the number of U.S. YouTube watchers will increase to 228.1 million by 2024, up from 214.9 million in 2020.
  • 94,5% of OTT (Over-the-Top) watchers in the U.S. are watching YouTube.
  • YouTube is still the most widely used platform for video marketers.

I don’t want to bother you with additional statistics. Just to show you how much opportunity is still there on YouTube (e.g. YouTube Shorts).

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Unlike PowaKaddy, most of the leading companies (86%) understood quickly the benefits of video marketing and use videos as marketing tools (e.g. content marketing, social media communication, video ads, etc.).

Wyzowl’s The State of Video Marketing 2021 study found the number of businesses using video as a marketing tool has increased by 41% since 2016.

Today, we can see how well-made videos have a very positive effect on:

  • generating traffic to a company or brand website;
  • improving the average time spent on the brand website;
  • improving the conversion rates (e.g. membership, golf holiday, product sales, etc.);
  • reducing the number of support calls,
  • engagement. Hootsuite says the average engagement rate of a Facebook post with video is 6,09% (vs. post w/t photo 4,42%, vs regular post 3,39%)

PowaKaddy – video marketing efforts

The How-to videos have been always popular video types. Today, it is also important to create such videos that reflect our customers’ everyday life. This went almost well in the PowaKaddy videos.

The new PowaKaddy videos cover the FX range, the CT range, and the overarching GPS features, alongside individual product videos on each trolley across the 2021 line-up.

These videos have been designed with the consumer in mind and can give them the final information they may need to make a purchase. Why don’t they want to help customers in earlier stages of the sales funnel?

If user-generated content is so popular, why don’t they cooperate with influencers who can create truly engaging videos and other content?

PowaKaddy Rental Carts

Repurposing video content

If you have a limited marketing budget or simply want to use your videos then here some ideas how you can repurpose them:

  • Turn your video into a podcast;
  • Convert your video into a blog post;
  • Make infographics out of your videos;
  • Make SlideShare presentations out of your videos;
  • They can be great content for your email/newsletter campaigns;
  • Instagram videos (max. 1 minute): This will be easy for PowaKaddy to shorten their videos since they are already short.

If you need any further help in video or content marketing, then please feel free to drop me an email: mikibreitner@gmail.com or call me +36 30 279 0054