Trackman Bullseye Championship vs. Toptracer 9-Shot Challenge

By: June 16, 2021

When I first heard of the Trackman Bullseye Championship, almost immediately Toptracer 9-Shot Challenge came to my mind. The coming 121st U.S. Open (17–20 June) at Torrey Pines South Course in San Diego, California gave both brands an opportunity to activate and engage their users.

A similar initiative by Trackman is the BMW TrackMan Open where amateurs could compete against the best players in the world.

Trackman Bullseye Championship-v2

The Trackman Bullseye Championship will take place from June 15 to July 15 and players will be able to go up against one other at their local range and check their ranking via the leaderboard on the new TrackMan Golf app available in both App- and Play Store.

The competition will be available wherever there is a TrackMan-powered driving range and players can take part as often as they like via bay screens and personal devices.

We can consider both competitions as a quasi in-event activation, although they are not part of the 121st U.S. Open.

Indeed! Why doesn’t the 121st U.S.Open organizes such competitions for those who can’t be there in person at the competition? I would add some gamification to such competitions to make them even more attractive and memorable.

I still have to think about how fans’ habits have evolved pre and post-pandemic. Maybe new consumer segments will evolve. The year-round experience will be indispensable not just for Trackman and Toptracer but also for major golf events.

TrackMan Bullseye Championship bag-tag

TrackMan Bullseye Championship – the prize

TrackMan has partnered with the #1 rangefinder Bushnell and first place at every local range will take home a Tour V5 rangefinder and an exclusive Bullseye Championship bag tag.

Second to 5th place will also win bag tags enabling your fellow golfers to know you’re one of the sharpshooters on the range.

Toptracer 9-Shot Challenge

The 9-Shot Challenge is presented by the U.S. Open. It is held between 12-20 June. The main prize is a U.S. Open flag signed by this year’s champion. You will play on 9 different virtual golf holes at Torrey Pines.

Toptracer 9 shot challenge vs Trackman Bullseye Championship