Why has the Puma Golf SNACK SHACK collection become so restrained?

By: July 20, 2021

I was already getting used to the bold and innovative style of Puma Golf when I saw the new SNACK SHACK collection. Maybe the PUMA Golf x Arnold Palmer Collection is similarly restrained.

Let’s take a closer look at what the new Puma Golf SNACK SHACK collection is about!

Puma Golf SNACK SHACK collection mix

The SNACK SHACK collection is part of Puma Golf’s premium apparel collections. The SNACK SHACK collection was created to celebrate the simple, enjoyable moments during a round of golf—the feel of a new glove, teeing up a new ball, the refreshing, ice-cold beverage on a hot afternoon, buying a round of delicious hot dogs for your buddies at the turn.

The SNACK SHACK collection features classic patterns with all these elements — gloves, balls, tees, snacks, and beverages— in light blue, gray, and white colors. PUMA combines signature comfort with this stylish, snackable flair in an array of items for the trendy golfer, including polos and caps.

My choice from the Puma Golf SNACK SHACK collection

I prefer the blue version as it is more vivid. My other reason is there is not so much plastic in the cap for the shirt. I can only assume the shirt is not 100% cotton….

Puma Golf SNACK SHACK collection