Will the new Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges improve your game?

By: August 10, 2021

Callaway Golf now wants to prove that it is indeed possible to create such a wedge that can help us to have control on all types of wedge shots, from chips, pitches, flops, bunker shots, and full shots into the green.

Let’s discover how Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges were developed! I will draw your attention to what is better or more than the previous Callaway JAWS MD5 Raw Wedges.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges 2021-STUDIO-2196-600x600

Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges – innovations & new elements

The new Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges combine four distinct technologies that make it an absolute spin machine:

  1. JAWS grooves, the most aggressive groove in golf.
  2. Offset groove-in-groove technology – to increase surface roughness of the clubface. This is a brand new solution at Callaway.
  3. The Full Toe shape and a specialized C-Grind make bunker shots, high flop shots, and short pitches and chips easy to hit, from any lie you face on the course.
  4. The JAWS toe pad pushes the CG higher, for a design that creates a lower, more controlled trajectory. Callaway’s new Variable Weight Port System moves the CG away from the hosel for solid contact and enhanced feel.
Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges -2021-STUDIO-4334-600x600

The new Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges come stock with

  • a premium Lamkin UTX grip,
  • True Temper’s newest Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft in steel, or a Project X Catalyst wedge shaft in graphite.
  • Available in two finishes: Raw Face Chrome and Raw Black.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges – availability

The new Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges will be available at retail nationwide (USA) on September 9th. Pricing: $169.99. Loft: 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, 64°

From product-focused business to customer centricity

It seems like Callaway Golf is still focusing its efforts to develop new products by leveraging technology. Today to have great customer service is not equal to being customer-centric.

Customer centricity is about providing great experiences & meaningful moments at every stage of the customer journey.

In a world where customers have access to more options than ever, companies like Callaway must do all they can to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Therefore, the importance and value of value-added services have increased. Manufacturers should think beyond providing classic custom fitting & custom clubs. They should analyze their customer data at their disposal to be able to offer the most suitable golf equipment and experience. In short, invest in personalization.

The customer experience does not stop when the golfer buys his/her new golf club or ball. Marketers should follow up post-purchase to ensure their customers have an exceptional experience with their products.

Since social media is an integral part of our lives, it gives marketers more challenges to put a smile on their customers’ faces.

To summarize the essence of the customer-centricity:
  1. Create the best solutions for your customer;
  2. Search new needs to fill;
  3. Customer Experience Management;
  4. Reward people with deep insight into customers;
  5. Customer segments with P&L.

Share with me in the comment box how would you make golf equipment manufacturers truly customer-centric!