How to orient between various golf putting aids?

By: October 1, 2021

The recent KemperSports Golfer Insights Survey found „The majority of new golfers (58%) came to the game because of the pandemic. But they plan to play even more golf in 2021 and intend to play just as much golf in the future as current golfers play if they feel comfortable and confident.”

It really feels really good and motivating when our putting goes without cramping and excitement. What can we do to achieve the goal and most of all, how can we make our putting more accurate? Good putting aid is one of the golf accessories you can think about buying.

There are plenty of putting aids on the market, which makes many new and experienced golfers insecure. I will show you how to select the most suitable golf putting aid for your game.

What is quite certain is that regardless of which putting aid you choose; you will not be a Tiger Woods from it. Unfortunately, we have to admit this.

AI Golf The Greenkeeper putting aid during golf lesson

The reason why I recommend purchasing golf putting aids is they are providing feedback on specific swing principles. If you master your swing principles, you will become a better player and lower your scores.

I believe golf putting aids can help you to solve these major putting mistakes:

  1. Poor technique, setup, posture, and ball position.
  2. Too many moving parts.
  3. Poor green reading.
  4. Understanding how to control distance.
Which swing principle do you struggle with?

Before we start searching for golf putting aid, we have to figure out what we are doing poorly. Do I need to alter my alignment, posture, connection, grip, or release? In essence, you need to know what putting swing principle needs attention. And only then select golf putting training aid that gives you feedback on this specific principle.

Another aspect/angle, check out if the golf putting aid is able to give you direct & instant feedback on your putting stroke. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer for instance is not able to give you direct feedback on your putting stroke.

The PuttOut putting mirror is an interesting golf putting aid. However, I am not sure if you or any other golfer will enjoy composing each and every time such a complex putting aid solution. People enjoy simple and effective solutions.

The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor doesn’t directly tell you about your clubface or swing path during your stroke.

Which swing principle do you struggle with? I assume you also want to improve mainly the mistakes #1 & #4 from the list above.

AI Golf The Greenkeeper putting aid device

My recommendation & advice for putting aids

I found really useful and handy AI Golf’s The Greenkeeper golf putting aid. You can test your swing principles with three different size balls. I started with the smallest one. Now I am changing to the biggest one, the most difficult option.

It’s amazing how many places (e.g., office, street, garden, practice putting greens of my golf club) I can practice with it without adding another tool (e.g., tee).

If you have time to roll some putts before you play, this will help give you a sense of the speed of the greens. In your warm-up or practice time, roll long putts trying to get your golf ball closer to the hole than the length of your putter. If you can consistently leave the ball in this range, your scores will certainly be lower.

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