Will Inrange Golf be able to serve World of Golf’s 185-bay driving range?

By: December 10, 2021

Before I would share with you the latest success of Inrange Golf in South Africa and Mauritius, let’s have a look what are the expectations and the needs of the future golf generations (Millennials, Generation Z). These two generations are looking for unique experiences. Generation Z is “communaholic“.

The GGA & Nextgengolf 2020 study found they want to hang out with friends & to get outdoors. It is obvious that the classic driving range experience will not be able to attract that many people from these generations of golfers.

World of Golf 185 bays Johannesburg Inrange Golf partner

Services like Inrange Golf are not exclusively for these two generations. As a member of Generation X, I believe for us it is also fun.

There is no going back, driving range solutions as Inrange Golf should be in your business plans for the near future. Don’t forget that these solutions can significantly boost your F&B revenues and attract people who otherwise would not come to your club.

One of the bays of World of Golf 185 bay Johannesburg Inrange Golf

Inrange Golf in partnership with MoreCorp

Leading South African Sports and Leisure group selects Inrange Golf as the exclusive provider of driving range technology for golf facilities across Southern Africa & Mauritius.

Their cooperation will start with MoreCorp’s flagship 185-bay World of Golf in Woodmead, Johannesburg.

MoreCorp’s World of Golf facility in Woodmead, Johannesburg is one of the world’s largest and busiest golf leisure parks, with in excess of 60 million balls played annually.