Can the Green Swing convince golfers to use bamboo-made tees?

By: March 17, 2022

In the last two years, we have come across more and more companies are trying to make tees made from bamboo (e.g., OCEANTEE). None of them are specifying the species of their bamboo. The strongest bamboo is Guadua (scientific name: Guadua Angustifolia).

The intention is very noble and to be supported. Somehow, though, it seems that besides media buzz, the adoption of bamboo-made tees is still ahead of us.

Bamboo-made tees I have tried so far, despite being made of bamboo, were not very durable. That’s why I thought I will check out what the Green Swing tee is capable of.

Green Swing tee Lifestyle Hero Mixed Box

Green Swing bamboo-made golf tees

For now, I can only rely on what the Green Swing claims to be about itself. I hope the product samples will arrive soon. Green Swing’s purpose promotes a more inclusive, diverse sport, recognizing that change is required, and the game is evolving.

Based in the UK, Green Swing is a startup born from a change in focus for its founder, entrepreneur Tim McManus in 2020.

Green Swing has invested heavily in customized designs, and unique styling to bring a collection of forward-thinking bamboo golf tees to the game, that are instantly recognizable, making the change from plastic easier than ever. 

From Classic to Castle, 25mm through to 83mm, its design caters to every golfer and every game. I really miss that Green Swing doesn’t say exactly what is their tee made of.

If they could combine the right bamboo cultivar with the great design, then Green Swing would be more attractive and competitive.

Green Swing tee Spring 2022 Range

Green Swing products are packaged in an unbleached kraft box which is 100% recyclable, fits neatly in the bag, and also makes for sustainable gifting.

Tim McManus says

“Green Swing is focused on the future of golf, and we have a genuine ambition to disrupt the current status quo. With continued investment, our range is now available across Europe and in the USA with developments well underway for additional products to cover the wider game.”

Green Swing supports Less Plastic, a charitable organization dedicated to reducing plastic and non-essential waste.

Green Swing tee Castle Teem