Before you would give up try the new Wilson Launch Pad family!

By: March 4, 2022

I must say Wilson Golf is not only for high handicapper golfers. At the same time, they are doing a great job to serve high-handicappers as well. This way they are helping and supporting a lot the golf sport.

If you are a game-improvement player then the new Wilson Launch Pad family can give you new advantages and hopes.

Wilson Launch Pad_2022_Driver_Advanced_PKR

The new Wilson Launch Pad family is – I would say – developed for those who really want to play golf, but struggle to improve their game regardless of the amount of effort they invest in golf lessons.

So, we can say this is the “super game improvement” category. I might say it is really a niche segment of golfers. The question is if it is worth it to Wilson Golf.

Tim Clarke, President of Wilson Golf says

“Wilson Golf prides itself on our ability to provide the right products for every level of player. From Staff Model to D9 and now the newest Launch Pad range, our products are designed with best-in-class technology to help bring out the best in every individual’s game.”

Wilson Golf’s intention with the performance features, is to address the game’s most common problems. The new Wilson Launch Pad family received a brand new image/design to match the performance capabilities of the new clubs.

Wilson Launch Pad_2022_Iron_Sole

Wilson Launch Pad Family – changes since 2020

  • Launch Pad irons: The sole of Launch Pad has been optimized to keep the club head out of the grass and on the ball, preventing chunking and delivering unmatched consistency, swing after swing. Weight has been removed and mass lowered, creating an iron that launches the ball higher and helps it fly farther with less effort.
  • Launch Pad driver (9 -10.5 – 13 degree) : An inherent draw bias helps players overcome one of the most frustrating problems in golf, so shots fly straighter and with more accuracy. Wilson used AI (artificial intelligence) to optimize the face for that type of impact. One of the lightest drivers on the market, coupled with a lightweight Project X EvenFlow shaft to deliver effortless swing speeds for players of all types.
  • Launch Pad fairway woods: Many aspects of this club design are aimed at promoting a draw bias, including face angle and geometry, a moderate offset, the head shape and a center of gravity positioned forward and heelward. A high-strength and super thin Carpenter Custom face delivers great feel and higher ball speeds. The ultra-light club head coupled with an Evenflow lightweight shaft.
Wilson Launch Pad_2022_Fairway_Face
  • Launch Pad hybrids: Perfectly positioned between fairways and irons, the Launch Pad hybrids add the option of a 4 and 5 hybrid, ensuring proper gapping for every player.

Wilson Launch Pad Family – price, specification, availability

All new Wilson Launch Pad clubs will be available at all global retailers starting March 14. The new Wilson Launch Pad line is priced as follows: 

  • Irons 5-SW, € 840, – (Steel shaft) and € 945, – (Graphite shaft);
  • Driver € 350,-;
  • Fairway woods € 230,- and
  • Hybrids € 200,-.
Wilson Golf Launch Pad_2022_Fybrid_Hero