Who are the winners of the Foremost Golf Industry Member Awards for 2021?

By: May 9, 2022

Quantum Workplace says

“Organizations with formal recognition programs have 31% less voluntary turnover than organizations that don’t have any program at all. And they’re 12x more likely to have strong business outcomes.”

If you give regularly, honest, and authentic recognition to your golf club employees then your employees will more likely to unlock their full potential. O. C. Tanner found employee recognition is the most important driver of great work. I would add the importance of a meaningful job as well.

We should look beyond the ‘run-out-of-the-mill’ rewards and recognition programs to engage and motivate better our employees. I would think of more fun awards that can delight employees. I would love to see more upskilling and talent development initiatives.

I shared this with you because Foremost Golf has just announced the winners of the Foremost Golf Industry Member Awards for 2021.

Foremost Golf image 750x500_member winners 2021

Foremost Golf Industry Member Awards winners – 2021

The most coveted award, the Foremost Professional of the Year, was presented to Charles Le Sueur, from Alderley Edge Golf Club, in Cheshire. An outstanding 12 months of hard work and dedication saw Le Sueur earn the group’s top honor.

Working hand-in-hand with his committee at Alderley Edge, Le Sueur has helped to nearly double the total of members over the last 3 years, providing a windfall for the club and pro to invest in the facility.

Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) Professional of the Year was awarded to Graham Drabble from Romiley Golf Club.

Daniel Whitby-Smith capped off a fantastic year at Drayton Park Golf Club in Tamworth by winning Breakthrough Professional of the Year, an award that recognizes members that have recently made significant improvements to their business.