Who should play with the new Vokey Design WedgeWorks T Grind?

By: June 8, 2022

Titleist is launching today the much-anticipated Vokey Design WedgeWorks T Grind. Inspired by Vokey’s work with one of the game’s all-time best wedge players, the T Grind was designed for great hands and a vivid short-game imagination.

Available in 58º and 60º lofts, it is ideal for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions, with low bounce and a narrow crescent surface. 

If you are facing links-style conditions then the new Vokey Design WedgeWorks T Grind will be a great asset

Vokey Design WedgeWorks T Grind new angle

The T Grind features an aggressive heel, toe, and trailing edge grind with the bounce focused towards the leading edge, whereas the WedgeWorks Low Bounce K Grind features a very wide, highly cambered sole similar to the SM9 K Grind with the bounce spread across the entire sole.

Vokey Design WedgeWorks T Grind & Technology

  • Forward Centre of Gravity progression – The CG has been raised vertically by adding weight to the topline design, where a tapered pad at the back of the toe helps align the CG properly without being visible from the playing position.
  • New patented spin milled process for the maximum spin – A new spin milled cutting process in the SM9 models – which includes tightening our allowable tolerances – produces consistently sharper grooves wedge after wedge, resulting in a higher, more consistent spin.

The Vokey Wedge Selector tool on the Titleist website helps golfers select the proper loft, bounce, and grind options for their swing and course conditions.

The Wedge Works T Grind is considered a WedgeWorks exclusive product. This product is designed to live for the majority of the SM9 product life cycle.

new Vokey Design WedgeWorks T Grind

Personalization & Custom options

The WedgeWorks custom options include:

  • 6 unique toe engravings,
  • Stamping options | 10-character Straight/Freestyle stamping; 15 characters around the toe; and two lines of 10 characters each.
  • Custom paint-filled | Loft, Bounce, and Grind markings and BV Wings logo.
  • SM9 wedges can also be custom ordered with an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands, and ferrules.


  • Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S200
  • Grip: Tour Velvet 360 White
  • Lofts: 58° and 60° in RH/LH
  • Finishes: Tour Chrome (RH only), Raw (RH/LH)
  • Bounce | 4°
  • Price: SRP £209