How joining RepSpark can help your pro-shop earn more?

By: July 7, 2022

Insider Intelligence found in 2022, worldwide retail e-commerce sales will exceed $5 trillion for the first time, accounting for more than a fifth of overall retail sales. In 2022, worldwide retail sales are poised to grow 5% year-over-year (YoY) to exceed $27.33 trillion.

Golfdatatech found, that in 2021 the overall, total golf apparel sales were up 32.8% vs 2020.  The pandemic impacted sales from 2020 with every individual category up double digits. The leading categories were men’s and women’s shirts, +38.0% and +38.7% respectively.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought massive changes in consumer behavior. We have to understand that during the lockdown 76% of customers tried new purchasing behaviors.

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Just to give you a hint about the changes. A McKinsey study found that 79% of B2B companies are likely to stick to the remote sales model for 12+ months after the pandemic. 96% of B2B sales teams have fully or partially adopted remote selling.

At every phase of the customer purchase journey technology is making an impact on both buyer and marketer. Buyers (e.g. golf clubs) are constantly seeking personalized and appealing channels too.

Buyers (e.g. golf clubs and resorts) want brands to make their information, products, or services accessible in real-time and compare them. It is not hard to recognize that the sales potential and capabilities of classic golf equipment and apparel sales methods and sales channels are extremely limited.

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I see as a trend that more and more B2B marketers are launching their own marketplaces. Marketplace buyers are usually in the consideration and intent stage of the customer buying cycle.

It is expectable that golf retailing marketplaces like RepSpark will change the business models and relationships between suppliers and golf clubs’ pro shops.

I am expecting golf retailing marketplaces’ – like RepSpark – importance and role will gain momentum very soon since they are offering real-time purchasing opportunities with multiple brands. They can even offer sales automation too.

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Not to forget that you as a golf shop owner or manager RepSpark-like marketplaces can ease your work (convenient: 24/7) + and speed up the purchasing procedure too.

Such a positive experience with your brand and products at the beginning of your buyers’ customer journey will contribute significantly to their overall customer experience. Being quick, easy, and effortless are indispensable to succeed in the current business environment. It will also help you to achieve loyalty.

RepSpark is a B2B wholesale e-commerce platform used by brands to manage their retail channel and their sales representatives. There are approximately 50 golf brands on RepSpark selling in more than 6,000 golf shops

Brands feature their entire product offering and relevant data such as inventory, availability, and anything else that retailers need to know – RepSpark then serve as the platform where orders are placed and managed by the brands and their customers, the retail stores.

Golf shop operators can stay on top of the latest trends and access worldwide brand names like Dunning, as well emerging and up-and-coming brands like Stitch, Melin, G/FORE, TRUE Linkswear, TecTecTec, and many more. 

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RepSpark Community is a new component of RepSpark. RepSpark Community provides a platform for retailers (e.g. pro shops) to discover other brands on RepSpark as well as a chance for brands to promote themselves to retail buyers on our platform. 

This tells me you will be able to beef up the variety of golf apparel and equipment brands and offers. Your pro-shop will become more interesting and useful for golfers and other golf club guests.

RepSpark is great for green grass clubs to carry brands that sell customized apparel with the club’s logo or with any tournament or event logosRepSpark has the best tools to ensure customization is done properly and that all embroidery and customization is adheres to the club’s wishes and any limitations or requirements of the brand. 

Are you ready to give it a try to RepSpark? If you have any questions, please drop me an email: