How will the #MizNextGen Series be renewed to attract more talent in 2023?

By: October 31, 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen so many major golf events and golf tournaments either canceled or in best cases postponed. Just to give you an exact number from 2020:

  • 11 golf tournaments were canceled on the PGA Tour while
  • 8 golf tournaments were canceled on the European Tour.

This naturally affected the golf tournaments that aim to discover new golf talents. The 2023 Mizuno Next Gen Series (aka #MizNextGen Series) is trying to give a proper answer to this challenge not just by partnering with the Clutch Pro Tour but also by revamping its #MizNextGen Series in 2023.

The #MizNextGen Series driving range

The 2023 Mizuno Next Gen Series (#MizNextGen Series) will offer 36 UK events with a total prize fund of £1,800,000 and over 40 Challenge Tour invites.

A revamped two-tier development system will see

  • 18 Tier one events with a minimum prize value of £60,000 including three £100,000 prize fund events and
  • 18 Multi-day events in Tier two with prize funds of a guaranteed £30,000.

Mizuno’s David Matthews believes

“The #MizNextGen Series aligns really well with the type of players Mizuno is going to support in the future.”

#MizNextGen Series first hole

This shows the new direction the brand would like to focus on in the future. I must add that every brand would like to attract the best golf talents at the beginning of their professional golfing career.

Here, it might be more about whether Mizuno can only afford this kind of sponsorship. Or am I wrong???