Did Golf Genius International exceed its brave business goals in 2022?

By: January 27, 2023

In December 2021, at the GCMA 2021 Conference, I was very pleased when Golf Genius initiated an influencer marketing cooperation with me. Golf Genius was one of my several new clients in 2022.

I believe it is essential to digitalize golf tournament management and personalize it at the same time. For these reasons, I accepted their cooperation offer. As you will see below, Golf Genius International had very impressive business achievements in 2022.

I am glad that I could contribute -to the best of my ability – to the success of Golf Genius with my expertise, online community (cca. 60,000 followers), and business network. Thank you, so much Craig Higgs, for the opportunity.

Golf Genius International Year in Review 2022

Golf Genius International’s achievements in 2022

Across UK, EMEA, and APAC regions, total rounds managed with Golf Genius Tournament Management increased year-on-year by 64%.

Supporting this increase in rounds was a surge in customer adoption, with hundreds of new international customers using Golf Genius Tournament Management to elevate their golf competitions and events, including

  • the 2028 Ryder Cup host venue, Adare Manor,
  • Ganton Golf Club,
  • Tokyo Classic Club in Japan,
  • Fancourt in South Africa, and
  • Huntingdale Golf Club in Australia.

Total events processed by Golf Genius customers rose by 55% thanks to numerous examples of high-profile competitions being delivered, including

  • The Concession Cup at Valderrama,
  • the Australian Open, and
  • the Eisenhower Trophy.

Golf Genius also led the way in handicapped golf events in 2022 evidenced by a total of 15 WHS accreditations from national governing associations, including Golf New Zealand and GolfRSA.

Golf Genius Golf Shop for PGA Professionals

Managing Director for Golf Genius International, Craig Higgs, commented:

“From clubs and resorts such as Hillside and Costa Navarino; to national governing bodies such as Golf NSW and Golf Ireland; to our work in supporting European associations in the delivery of GolfSixes; our 2022 successes reflect the wide-reaching impact Golf Genius has at all levels of the game.”

Golf Genius product development in 2022

Further investment in staff reinforced Golf Genius’ product development drive in 2022, which saw 6 release cycles completed to deliver more than 70 new product features and functionality enhancements for its customers.

With developments ranging from

  • auto-score posting to WHS;
  • the ability to handle “roll-up” competitions for simple check-in and play;
  • extensive pennants improvements;
  • and a range of new Golf Genius Golf Shop enhancements.

These releases have been designed to help customers save time, create more revenue, and deliver exceptional experiences for their golfers.