See why you’ll gain more distances with the new Wilson DUO SOFT golf balls!

By: January 16, 2023

One of my best decisions in 2022 was to change to Wilson DUO SOFT+ golf balls and to Wilson Staff D9 clubs in 2021. Wilson DUO SOFT golf balls are part of Wilson’s premium golf ball range that includes Triad (3-piece urethane) and the Staff Model (4-piece urethane).

Some might complain that there is no tour level spin off wedges. If you are a regular golfer like me then I do not see any reason why not to try and play with the new Wilson DUO SOFT golf balls in 2023.

Wilson Duo Soft golf ball 2023

Wilson’s R&D team added Zinc pentachlorothiophenol in the reformulated core for a faster golf ball. The new Wilson DUO SOFT golf balls come with compression 40. A test found that the speed of the Wilson DUO SOFT ball was (with a driver)

  • Speed: 131 MPH,
  • Spin: 2135 RPM
  • Distance: 141 yards.

This result was one of the TOP 3 best results among its direct competitors. So we can debunk the myth of soft balls are slower.

To help us to have more straight shots Wilson revamped its cover with a new 302-dimple pattern with shallow dimples. As a result of it, we can achieve lower spins, and thus straighter shots, especially off the tee.

Wilson DUO SOFT golf ball packshot white color

For me, these were the most striking and attractive innovations in the new Wilson DUO SOFT golf balls. Other good things to know about the new golf ball are that

  • Wilson DUO SOFT colors available include green, orange, red, white, and yellow.
  • Layers: 2.
  • Price: € 30,- per dozen.
Wilson DUO SOFT golf ball packshot yellow color