5 B2B Golf Retailing Trends to Watch in 2023

By: February 13, 2023

Discover the trends to stock in your golf shop to keep your customers fashionable on the fairway!

Last month at the PGA Show, many brands and retailers had a first look at the golf trends that would rule the golf course for Fall 2023, and it was apparent that golf shops are, “becoming lifestyle shops, and this is totally going to continue in 2023,” explains Bailey Chamblee, a golf fashion and lifestyle reporter, noting.

“People want to wear clothes that represent who they are, and this casualization of golf clothes that we’re seeing gives more people that opportunity.”

We’ve explored a list of the top trends to expect for Fall 2023 and not only do we highlight these trends, but we’ve also included brands shaping the golf industry when it comes to adding fashion to the fairway.

Set your brand apart from competitors with these 5 Fall 2023 B2B golf trends to keep in mind during your buying season.

Keep Sustainability in Mind

Sustainability has emerged as the newest must-have fashion trend, forcing businesses to adapt to a market that is becoming more and more concerned about the environment.

Sustainability could come from the fabric that the players wear or it could be the brand incorporating sustainable and ethical practices into their business.

When buying for the upcoming season keep sustainability in mind to ring true to your ethical golfer consumer as they hit the golf course.

In line with the growing popularity of recycled and up-cycled materials in clothing, Linksoul offers a number of environmentally friendly items, the majority of which are made of organic cotton and polyester derived from recycled plastics.

Linksoul golf retailing Repspark

The T-Shirt

This one seems obvious but shirts are one of the most bought pieces of clothing so it is vital to perfect it for each season. As consumers seek simplicity, longevity, and multi-functionality, the standard active shirt is becoming more sophisticated and simple.

Look for designs with a minimal focus, improvements to the design and functionality, and materials that are odor-controlling, metal-free, cooling, anti-wrinkle, anti-snagging, and UV-resistant.

Leading manufacturer of professional-grade clothing, SCALES is motivated by a never-ending quest for adventure. SCALES was established with the know-how and tenacity to deliver the top layer of security and comfort using premium, light, breathable textiles to improve your customer’s golf game.

Scales Gear golf retailing RepSpark

Bring in Uplifting Colors

The golf industry has grown from those classic short pants and tweed jackets to a place where players can express their style on the golf course. Today, the golf industry has grown from the classics to bring some positivity and energy to the 18th hole by incorporating uplifting and bright colors to the classic styles golfers know and love.

Be on the lookout for fruitier or candied colors, but be careful not to limit yourself to too many vivid colors; choose your tints carefully. Whether you choose vibrant hues to inspire optimism or soothing greens to promote relaxation, use color as a way to keep your consumer chic in their golf game.

Tail blends classic sophistication with the latest current fashion trends to create a carefully picked seasonal assortment that reflects the newest looks, patterns, and colors while always maintaining a constant fit and classic tailoring.

Tail golf retailing RepSpark

Don’t forget about youth trends and apparel! Not only is Garb dedicated to the youth of the game offering great styling and unrivaled quality, but it hits the fashion look the kids are demanding. Their new Catalina Collections offers a range of uplifting colors in their golf game.

Garb golf retailing RepSpark

Put protection and utility first!

This trend can apply to any apparel but specifically for footwear, opt for multipurpose and protective fashion trends which are gaining traction. Include insulation-boosting soles as well as weatherproofing elements, and create products with a long-term design mindset.

When keeping design in mind, choose footwear that will provide durability since core sneakers will become more relevant because they are an excellent investment.

With all-around security, balance and stability, unparalleled comfort, and cleats catered towards performance, SQAIRZ combines performance with comfort to keep the golfer competitive even after the 18th hole.

Not only do they provide unique and game-changing footwear, but they also make shopping easier with their RightFit: SQAIRZ’s Game-Changing No-Inventory Retail Program, delivering unparalleled comfort and performance for members with a retail package customized for green grass shops.

Sqairz golf shoes repspark golf retailing Nick Faldo

Bring bold detailing to life

In 2023, big details are going to rule. Think cutouts, asymmetrical designs, color-blocking, bold structures, and so much more. People want to show up and show out for anything from grabbing lunch in the golf club to keeping competitive in the golf tournament.

Calliope has reinvented women’s golf equipment and accessories with the goal of improving the look and feel of the game.

The company is committed to the modern female golfer encouraging relaxation and enjoyment on the golf course. Their designs are trendy and focus on the “show up and show out” style.

Red_Dress_Lifestyle_Calliope golf retailing RepSpark

You were probably expecting to see photos of clothing and apparel, but SIC Cups intriguing, eye-catching, and bold Dimpled Golf tumblers are the designs to include in your product mix to rule the golf course in the fall.

Not only does it have an incredible design but is designed to take you to your happy spot with your beverage.

Sic cup golf retailing repspark

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming buying season after reading these trends for your brand to implement!

There are great opportunities to enhance business and the customer experience when trends change. Stay current with the latest B2B golf retailing trends to better connect with your customer while staying competitive in the golf industry.

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