The Carryall line from Club Car will now run on lithium-ion batteries

By: July 27, 2023

Electric cars’ global sales passed 10% in 2022. MIT predicts that electric cars’ share will pass 30% at the end of this decade. The manage climate change, many governments are motivating EV purchases.

Starting in 2035, the European Union is prohibiting the sale of vehicles powered by gas. Most EVs today are powered by lithium-ion batteries (just like your mobile, laptop, etc.).

Lithium-ion batteries are also finding new applications, including electricity storage on the grid, that can help balance out intermittent renewable power sources like wind and solar. 

Club Car offers its Tempo golf cars with lithium-ion batteries since 2019. The good news is that it will offer this option for the Carryall 500, 502, 550, and 700 models, widely used in golf course maintenance, hospitality, and industry.

Club Car Carryall 500 in 2023

Lithium-ion batteries charge up to 40% faster than lead-acid batteries and have automated off-peak charging for lower energy costs.

They also have a 10-year lifespan and do not degrade over time, so they give consistent range performance year after year. 

A lithium-ion powered Carryall is around 180kg lighter than equivalent lead acid-powered vehicles, allowing for smoother operation over manicured terrain and less turf damage.

It also boasts increased power, with best-in-class hill-climbing capabilities, a higher top speed of 19mph, and consistent power output regardless of the battery’s state of charge.