Toptracer technology helps Centro Nacional de Golf Introduce thousands to golf

By: April 25, 2024

Centro Nacional de Golf, the home of the Spanish Golf Federation, has made significant progress in enhancing its driving range experience since integrating Toptracer Technology in 2018.

As one of Toptracer’s earliest clients in continental Europe, Centro Nacional de Golf transformed its range into a hub of innovation, entertainment, and community engagement – and has used Toptracer to help introduce thousands of newcomers to the game of golf.

As one of the premier venues in Europe, Centro Nacional de Golf set out with Toptracer to create an immersive experience that transcended traditional golfing norms.

Toptracer at the Centro Nacional de Golf since 2018

The venue strategically decided to integrate Toptracer into a significant portion of its facility. In 2019, it initially installed 40 bays on its second floor, setting the stage for what would become a game-changing investment.

Recognizing the potential to elevate customer experience, Centro Nacional de Golf created the ‘Gourmet Golf Experience,’ a unique blend of entertainment and golf.

By leveraging the versatility of the second-floor space, the venue has been designed to resonate with both the keen golfer and the more casual, entertainment-driven player.

The addition of a food truck has further enhanced the range experience, and Centro Nacional uses the venue to create sold-out events almost weekly.

By offering a diverse range of pricing options and experiences, including the flexibility of paying per ball or opting for package sessions, Centro Nacional de Golf has witnessed remarkable revenue growth.

The decision to adjust ball pricing, coupled with strategic promotional efforts, has resulted in a staggering 50% increase in revenue, which, at such a large venue, reaffirms the success of the Toptracer integration.

Toptracer screens at the Centro Nacional de Golf resized

Furthermore, as the home of the Spanish Golf Federation, Centro Nacional de Golf is responsible for and desires to introduce more people to the game of golf, and its 2,500-player academy continues to be full, in no small part thanks to the Toptracer integration.

Speaking on Toptracer‘s transformative impact, Juan Antonio Fernández Hernando, General Manager at Centro Nacional de Golf, emphasized the essential role of technology in shaping the future of golf.

Toptracer has become an integral part of our venue, enriching our guests’ experience and working seamlessly with our academy to help introduce thousands of people to the game of golf.

With Toptracer, we have redefined our range experience, attracting new people to the game while retaining the loyalty of current customers.

Our partnership with Toptracer aligns seamlessly with our mission to foster inclusivity and give more people access to the game of golf in Spain.”

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