How did PowaKaddy capture 50+% of the electric trolley market in the UK in Q1?

By: May 6, 2024

PowaKaddy has recently solidified its dominant position as the leading player in the UK electric trolley market.

According to Golf Datatech*, PowaKaddy‘s share of the total UK electric trolley market for Q1 2024 exceeded 52% by both units and value, marking an increase of over 2% compared to the same period in 2023.

PowaKaddy FX5 - PREMIUM TECH - FRONT_Large

The brand has experienced growth across all channels – with the On-Course (Green-grass) shares surging by 3% to reach over 56% by volume*, reflecting the brand’s strong performance and support from golfers and retail partners alike.

Furthermore, the UK’s best-selling trolleys in 2023, PowaKaddy‘s CT6, FX3, and CT8 GPS, have retained the top three positions in the market, commanding a 40% share of the total UK electric trolley market in Q1 2024*.

*Source: Golf Datatech On & Off Course Channel, Electric Trolley Sales Value, January-March 2024