What Makes The Shopping Experience In Hole19’s Online Store Truly Unique?

By: June 18, 2024

In today’s discussions on e-commerce personalization, the following four trends are consistently brought to the forefront, paving the way for innovation and progress:

  • Getting ready for Generative AI (which allows users to input a variety of prompts to generate new content, such as text, images, videos, etc.). Generative AI’s outputs are impressive but still not enterprise-quality.
  • Get prepared for the “cookieless futureby utilizing customer data. Contextual information such as geographic location, time of day, page-specific behavior, time of year, and local weather conditions can help you personalize a lot.
  • Machine-learning-driven tools are gaining momentum. Streamlining this process saves time for merchandisers while still assisting customers in selecting complementary items, creating new opportunities for enhanced product discoverability and customer engagement.
  • Price personalization: The process entails providing customized pricing based on an in-depth customer data analysis, encompassing browsing behavior, purchase history, and loyalty. While proven effective in stimulating sales, upholding principles of fairness and transparency remains imperative.

I mentioned all of this because Hole19, which has 4.5 million users worldwide, has launched its e-commerce store.

Hole19 online pro shop

Chris Somerton, Head of E-Commerce at Hole19, claims

“We offer a more relevant and engaging shopping experience than traditional retailers because we know and understand the golfing lives our users better (and the golfing public, once they browse and buy with us).

We use data from the way golfers behave in the store, and combine it (where possible) with Hole19 app data, to create a shopping experience that is unique for each golfer.”

The platform operates as an extension of Hole19’s partner brand’s Direct-To-Consumer channels. This means that brand partners have full control over the product assortment offered on the platform and the pricing of that assortment.

Hole19 online pro shop product page

This model benefits golfers by enabling Hole19 to offer a wider range of products than traditional retailers, including tees, simulators, and every category in between.

Hole19 offers golfers a comprehensive solution for all their golf-related requirements. Brands can integrate with or trade on the platform at no cost.

Hole19‘s e-commerce website will utilize generative AI to lessen the workload of our partner brands.

Brands partnering with Hole19 can expect to gain comprehensive customer insights, covering marketing engagement and shopping behavior.

The platform is set to launch initially in the UK, with strategic expansion plans into the EU by the conclusion of 2024 and subsequent entry into the US market in the second quarter of 2025.