What are the personal well-being benefits of golf during the pandemic?

By: March 3, 2021

I have been saying for a long time that the complete closure of golf courses is not good for our health, well-being, and golf club owners. Limited access would make much more sense.

Now the joint study from Abertay University in Dundee and York St John University investigated the impact of lockdown on golfers.

I feel like they confirmed my thoughts. See why!

The study revealed the well-being benefits of playing an outdoor
cannot be fully replicated by driving range activity or home practice like putting or chipping.

Dr Graeme Sorbie well-being

The multi-study measured the impact the closure and reopening of golf courses had on:

  • personal competence;
  • sense of belonging;
  • enjoyment;
  • self-esteem;
  • self-confidence;
  • resilience;
  • social connections;
  • well-being and
  • life satisfaction (hereafter referred to collectively as “key variables of interest”) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Graeme Sorbie (see picture above) of Abertay University’s Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences said:

“Based on our findings, we would recommend that on-course golf activity should be introduced at an early stage of any restrictive period, particularly given safety measures that have already been put in place by governing bodies responsible for golf.

The personal well-being benefits that golf and other sports provide are well documented, but this study shows how difficult it can be to replace these under restricted conditions.

It is absolutely right that all UK nations take a measured approach to easing lockdown restrictions, however, our research shows clear merit to opening up golf courses around the country where this can be done in a safe and controlled way.”

Abertay University and York St John researchers are now due to continue further collaboration into the golf-related effects on health and well-being.

The UK Government has announced it hopes golf courses in England may be permitted to reopen from 29 March, dependent on national progress against the pandemic.