Public golf courses in “hybrid way”

By: September 17, 2009

Toyota came out recently with an interesting website to promote its Prius and the idea of environment protection. What is the connection between Toyota Prius and public golf courses? Environment consciousness is gaining momentum, not just in the automotive industry. But what is happening in our industry, in the golf industry? I am thinking about that we are talking about how we can have a better swing, what should public golf course owners do to meet the new expectations. As we are trying to meet the expectations, we forget the environmental aspects, such as how the extended golf course will increase our irrigation needs. By reading websites of the two leading irrigation expert companies Toro and RainBird, I could not find anything about how to save water or about alternative water usage as recycled water.

At the end of the day, we have to realize that our hobby/sport is in danger. An average size of a typical 18-hole golf facility is 150 acres. From this the maintained turf-grass area is 100 acres. 80% of this territory are fairways and roughs. This demands bulk quantity of water that I do not want to think about it. We cannot turn back time when there were much more waters, but we can preserve what we still have.

So next time do not obey your lust to buy a new golf ball just because it promises higher speed or something like that or do not recommend extending the territory of the golf course. Think about you can help preserve/keep up this great sport for the next generations. Enjoy the challenge that Mother Nature gives you during the game. It is really FUN!!