R&A’s new website is missing the point

By: September 8, 2009

R&A launched recently a new website, www.bestcourseforgolf.org to help golf course developers,owners and average golfers to perform better. Great!! I would expect from such website that it enables me to ask questions from the editors, evaluate content and last but not least to share the content with my friends. To be chutzpa, also contribute to the content of the website. It would be also the interest of the owners such a two-way communication and a "socialized" website wouldn't be?? As a website that not necessarily will get media support (e.g. ad campaign), it can beneficial if the very first readers could share the link of the site with others, who will later a potential user/visitor. At the same time it is good that R&A thought about search engine optimization (SEO) as a pull method to attract visitors and easy to find.

RA_course management  

I found an interesting feature "Benchmarking". I think it could be great tool in everyday work, and would be a compelling reason to return to this site. However, does not matter how hard I tried to find the starting point I could not find. If this is a beta version, then please guys put a sign somewhere.