Why should golf course sustainability be taught?

By: March 21, 2016

I hope it is obvious that sustainability should be on top of golf courses’ priority list in 2016 and in the future as well. It happens in cases of far-seeing ideas and concepts that we feel like we are at a loss (and this is the excuse why we don’t want to implement them in our golf club).

It seems like the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA) has anticipated the above-mentioned excuses and came up with the Raising the Standard of Sustainable Golf Course Development programme (RSSGCD) to help golf clubs to master this knowledge.

The online RSSGCD programme, the first of it’s kind in the golf industry, is a major initiative from the EIGCA to elevate the standards of sustainable golf course development. Endorsed and verified by the Golf Environment Organization (GEO), the program equips participants with the skills and knowledge to respond to the ever-increasing demand for existing and new golf facilities to be designed and operated in environmentally and socially sensitive ways.

Achim Reinmuth has become the first member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects to qualify for the EIGCA’s Sustainability Register.

Achim Reinmuth is a golf course architect with Städler Golf Courses. His case study involved the University Golfclub Paderborn – Haxterhöhe Links, a 18 hole course he designed in central Germany and which opened in 2011. The overall concept for the project is based on the 3 pillars of Inclusion, Science and Sustainability, covering all areas of the golf course construction and maintenance as well as the clubhouse operation and staff employment.

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