What was I the proudest of in 2019?

By: December 30, 2019

I am very happy that I could make 2019 a very eventful year as well. Let’s take a look at the achievements and results.

For my advertiser partners, it is really promising that Golf Business Monitor’s traffic grew by 40%. As of today, my monthly average traffic is 6000 unique visitors. With my social media network, I can reach over 30,000 people.

I enabled those who want to get immediate notification about my latest content by adding a push notification service.

Events in 2019

This summer I celebrated the 10th anniversary of Golf Business Monitor.

This year I received two invitations to give a keynote presentation on employee experience development in golf clubs:

Hereby I would like to thank these opportunities for Antti Hiltunen (MD, Finnish Golf Club Managers Association & Finnish Golf Club Owners Association) and Robert Fiegl (Secretary-General, Austrian Golf Federation).

It was a great honor for me to be one of the judges of the 2019 European Search Awards.

Then came the Hungarian edition of Forbes Magazine. They interviewed me on the global & local golf industry.

Guest articles in 2019

I am always very thankful to those people who contribute to Golf Business Monitor and share their opinion and insights with my readers and followers.

This year, I had 3 guest writers:

  1. Francisco de Lancastre David (Cluster GM, Troon, Abu Dhabi) he shared with us his challenges as the new cluster GM. His guest article was republished by the Finnish Golf Club Owners Association’s Honour-Golf Magazine. It is a great example of influencer marketing. Performance54 was a great help to make this happen.
  2. Miguel Franco de Sousa (President, Portuguese Golf Federation): he wrote about the challenges of golf development in Portugal (e.g. golf societies, golf development innovations, etc.).
  3. Joakim Isaksson (Consultant, project manager, Slottsbanan 2.0) he shared the details of the Ålands Golfklubb‘s Castle Course rebuild.

Interviews in 2019

Beyond the above-mentioned three guest writers, 11 golf club leaders & suppliers also found beneficial to accept my interview invitation:

  1. David Ashington (Director of Sales & Hospitality, Monte Rei Golf & Country Club). Carlos Ferreira (Tee Times Golf Agency) helped me in this interview.
  2. Pierre-André Uhlen (CEO, UGOLF) – about the French golf industry
  3. Tony D’Errico, CCM, CCE (Chief Operating Officer of the Quail West Foundation in Naples, FL) – about the future of private clubs in 2020
  4. Alexander Aisenbrey (Managing Director of Öschberghof, Germany) – about their 60 million Euro renovation project.
  5. Kristin Hinze, (Global Head of Merchandising at Puma Golf) – about golf retailing trends. Jared Kelowitz (Jeff Dezen Public Relations) helped me in this interview.
  6. Jalmari Talola (CEO, Soil Scout) – the usage of intelligent irrigation systems in golf clubs.
  7. Ben Styles (Vice President of Golf at Hoiana Shores Golf Club / Hoiana Integrated Resort) about their business challenges.
  8. Simon Doyle, (Director of Agronomy, Troon International) – about the rebirth of Golf Club Pfalz (Germany). Performance54 helped me in this interview.
  9. Simão da Cunha (Head of Golf Operations at Dom Pedro Golf) – about the sustainability strategy of Dom Pedro Golf. Performance54 helped me in this interview.
  10. Stephen Knoop (Managing Director, Tagmarshal International) – about the pace of play management.
  11. Morgado Golf Resort (Portugal) – Carlos Ferreira (Tee Times Golf Agency) helped me in this interview.
  12. Simon Wordsworth (CEO, 59Club)

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