Golf Business Monitor’s fascinating achievements in 2020

By: December 28, 2020

When I first tried to summarize Golf Business Monitor‘s achievements in 2020, I wouldn’t have thought that due to character limits on LinkedIn I will not be able to complete what I wanted to share with you.

2020 was like at Golf Business Monitor

Golf Business Monitor’s key achievements in 2020

Golf Business Monitor‘s popularity and readership grew by 20% YOY:

  1. 7,000 unique visitors – the average monthly traffic;
  2. 60,000+ followers on social media.
  3. 350% growth – I had 42 contributors in 2021 (see the list below)

Thanks to Troon InternationalOaks Prague, and Inrange Golf (UK) I was able to experience many interesting golf offers and solutions. As you can see I am trying to see the half-full of my glass.

This was the first year when Golf Business Monitor became an official media partner of a pro-am golf tournament: the World Corporate Golf Challenge. This cooperation will continue in 2021 too.

In 2021, I will help the World Golf Business Forum as its official media partner & a keynote speaker.

Clubhouse Europe Magazine (CMAE’s official magazine) asked me to write an article on employee experience development in golf clubs in 2021.

Value of Golf Business Monitor

Contributors of Golf Business Monitor in 2020

The increased number of guest articles and interviews (from 12 in 2019 to 42 in 2020) I explain by the growing popularity of Golf Business Monitor, as the world’s #1 B2B golf business blog. Don’t forget I am providing golf club marketing consultancy services as well.

In 2020, Golf Business Monitor contributors were:
very used pencil Golf Business Monitor
Golf Business Monitor contributors in 2020

If you have not found your name or your golf club’s name on my list then contact me: or or +36 30 279 0054

I hope 2021 will be more active for all of us in the golf industry. Or as Monty Python said

“Always look on the bright side of life…”