Troon is partnering with the G2 Girls Golf Academy

By: December 19, 2020

As you know I am a great supporter of female golf participation and female golf tournaments. Do you remember when I wrote about the program (sponsored by Syngenta) a few years ago?

This time I found another initiative that can help grow female golf participation and female golf tournaments.

G2 Girls Golf Academy - Lonestar Invitational Group Photo

The G2 Girls Golf Academy & Troon partnership

Now I can share with you Troon is partnering with the G2 Girls Golf Academy, a unique golf training system developed specifically for female junior golfers.

As part of the G2//Troon Girls Golf Program

  • G2 will deliver the 15-week, girls-only training model at select Troon-managed facilities across the country, including the first at Tiburón Golf Club at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples in Naples, Florida beginning in January 2021.

Here are some cool facts about the G2 Girls Golf Academy:

  • Based in Bluffton, South Carolina;
  • G2 has trained female junior golfers of all skill levels using scientific-based instruction designed to remove barriers of traditional instruction in a collaborative group environment and to encourage girls to reach their full potential in golf and in life.
  • G2 students receive world-class training in golf, mental training, physical fitness, nutrition, leadership, and college placement. Training includes bench-marking and development in “Five Levels of Competency” lead by a certified teaching professional. Students advance through each level by completing tasks and skill-level evaluations – all tracked and charted in the student-specific mobile App.
  • The G2 Girls Golf Academy is open to female junior golfers ages 11 to 18, from entry-level to advanced players
Community-participation-Plans-golf club G2 Girls Golf Acacemy

Memory-making moments vs female golf development

The experience you create for your guests is a key consideration for future golf participation or even joining your golf club.

The National Golf Foundation found in 2019:

Women represent almost one-quarter of participants, 5.7 million in total. This includes almost one million (900,000) girls between the ages of 6 and 17. Females also represent a disproportionally higher percentage of beginners (31%), juniors (36%) and off-course participants (44%) than they do in the overall golf population (23%).”

It is a serious challenge on how to make golf as a male dominated sport to a gender-neutral one.

The above-mentioned G2//Troon Girls Golf Program is a smart initiative to attract not just girls to golf, but their parents too in customer committed (or at least customer-centric) golf clubs.

If Troon designed this program well in cooperation with G2 Girls Golf Academy then this program will/can be a defining moment in the lives of participating girls.

In my interpretation „defining moments” are both memorable and meaningful. The defining moments often spark positive emotions. You can call it “peaks” as well. 

I wish this program will work out well for all sides.