How can RepSpark Community help you to impress your pro shop customers & boost sales?

By: October 12, 2022

Golf and golf participation have set so many all-time records over the last few years, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Rounds played, new golfers across all demographics, returning golfers, new women golfers, new junior golfers – ALL of these, and many other golf growth stats are off the charts.

With golf growing fast in every direction, it is not surprising that more new golf apparel, footwear, accessory, and equipment brands have emerged than at any other time in history.

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These new brands are embracing a softer, more casual side of golf, and they’re finding an eager audience of experienced and new golfers to help them get established.

RepSpark, the B2B wholesale e-commerce platform for the golf industry, has added dozens of new golf brands over the past couple of years. Many of those new brands are experiencing explosive growth as golf shops increasingly add new brands to their product mix.

“Golf is finally shedding its stuffy reputation, and many golf apparel and shoe brands are leading the charge.”

says Meghann Butcher, Founder & CEO at RepSpark,

“Established, old-guard golf brands and new entrants alike are embracing this new softer side of golf. Innovations in materials, updated designs, and a focus on comfort are all making the game more enjoyable and attracting new players.”

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Golf shop buyers and staff can browse all of the brands available on RepSpark by claiming their forever-free RepSpark Community account. Community includes the wildly popular discovery marketplace where buyers learn about new brands and request reseller access with one click. 

Some of the new brands available on RepSpark include Calliope, which has reimagined women’s golf apparel and accessories,

Radmor, a company driven by sustainability, and making some of the best-looking men’s apparel available, and TRUE Linkswear who is delivering the most comfortable shoe in golf to players around the world . . . and dozens more.

The explosion in new golf brands isn’t limited to apparel and footwear, in fact, the idea of making golf more approachable is making huge impacts in golf equipment as well. 

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Stix Golf won the RedDot award in 2022 for distinction in high design quality for their new clubs, which happen to be under $700 for a full set including a putter.

TecTecTec! is turning the rangefinder market on its ear with their KLYR rangefinders flying off the shelves that retail under $200, and Lucky Golf is creating unique and highly styled putters, wedges, and other great accessories that are a stand-out item in any pro shop.

Golf Shops and Golf Professionals who want to drive revenues and improve margins should always be running tests

Those tests can be as simple as putting a new product on the shop counter, rearranging display areas in the shop, or leveraging RepSpark to hold a pop-up shop with their favorite brand.

Some shops reserve a certain amount of shelf space for new brands and new products that may be appealing to their customers.

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