The 2023 Golf Business Conference: how to reinvent golf club business?

By: January 12, 2023

The 15th Annual European Golf Business Conference (14-16 February 2023, Cascais, Portugal) is almost here. It will cover and discuss these golf business challenges below. In the continuation, you will find why these topics are so important, timely, and useful.

  • Rethink players: Let’s keep them on board. How to get and keep a new generation of golfers? Rethinking our recruitment and keep-them-in-golf strategy.
  • Rethinking the use of technology: We need Technology and services to make their life easy on the golf course, what is available? To save cost, to increase customer friendliness, and to increase revenue! We have to rethink our business to fully use the possibilities of new technology.
  • Rethinking our sustainable approach: The industry is threatened by new upcoming regulations on the use of water and pesticides. The golf industry wants to play its part, but has to survive: how do we rethink our strategy towards this?
GCAE Golf Business Conference 2023

COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation at an unprecedented pace as companies – among them golf clubs – scrambled to build better digital experiences and virtual presences and to update aging software platforms to meet the demands of the new pandemic-era customer. 

It’s true that golf clubs have access to more customer data than ever before. But when you think of actual data that companies own, it’s nothing compared to the companies that ACTUALLY have access to all the customer data in the world.

How we are going to take advantage of all the accessible customer data in the world to provide highly personalized communication, membership offers, and services?

Golf clubs do not have the luxury to ignore the customer data via such major companies as Google, Apple, Netflix, and Microsoft, just a few to mention.

Another major challenge for most golf clubs is how to provide an attractive employee experience to be able to attract and retain the best talents. The latest pandemic has even fundamentally altered the perception of what work is.

Today it is not enough to understand golf club employees’ individual needs, expectations, goals, and private life challenges. Golf clubs should think about how they manage the effects of stress overall.

Club managers and their HR should focus on what their employees need and individualize career paths and learning opportunities.

2023 will be a pivotal year for sustainable action. Golfers will hold golf clubs responsible for progressing in this field. Golf clubs will have to show real proof of traction toward true and meaningful change. Therefore, it is a big business risk not to take sustainability aspects seriously.

The 15th Annual European Golf Business Conference – Cascais, Portugal

I am very excited to hear what will among the others

  • Jay Karen – the CEO of the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA),
  • Phil Anderton – Chief Development Officer, The R&A – share with us.  

The host venue of the 15th Annual European Golf Business Conference will be the Hotel Palácio Estoril in Cascais. The Hotel Palácio Estoril is one of Europe’s great hotels, which has been enchanting successive generations of guests from the four corners of the globe since 1930.

One of the interesting things about the hotel is that the sixth James Bond film was filmed here.

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